New British Antarctic Drone Sends Back First Footage Of Icy Continent

British Antarctic Survey scientists have shared the first images and video from their new Windracers drone as they test the new ULTRA uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) over the southern continent’s icy wastes. Over the last few weeks the UAV has flown over 720kms collecting images and scientific data that could enable researchers to widen the range of research they do and understand how Antarctica is being affected by climate change. Designed for extreme environments like Antarctica, the Windracers ULTRA is capable of carrying 100 kg of cargo or sensors up to 1000 km. During this season’s testing phase, the Windracers ULTRA will assess the marine food chain, investigate tectonic structures with magnetic and gravity sensors assess ice sheet structures using airborne radar, and test an atmospheric turbulence probe. Scientists believe the aircraft will prove vital on assessing the impact of climate change on the ice that covers the Earth’s southernmost continent.