Britain's shortest beauty queen says being only 5ft tall hasn't held her back

Emily Harrison, Britain's shortest beauty queen, wanted to break the stereotype of tall catwalk models.

Credit: SWNS

Video transcript

EMILY HARRISON: Hi, I'm Emily Harrison from Birmingham. I'm 26-years-old, and I'm entering a Petite Pageant as a Miss England finalist, which will be in Florida, Tampa. I'm entering the Petite Pageant, which started from our Miss England journey in 2022, where I became a national finalist.

I became a finalist from randomly entering, which wasn't for beauty or any specific reason, but throughout the competition I realized it's a lot more than beauty, and it's more about fundraising and taking part in different realms. I also noticed throughout this that I am the smallest in the competition, being 5 foot only. So I'm quite petite.

And seeing the other girls and their height, it made me feel, is this something I can do? But I realized at the end of it becoming a finalist that being petite doesn't define us and how we should embrace however small or big we are, it's who we are as a person, and where we will get in life, and how hard we work. So I'm looking forward to seeing where the international pageant will take me in Florida and hopefully represent for the petite girls.

During my Miss England journey, I came top three in the talent round as a finalist. This began from auditioning for the talent round and then getting through into performing for Sequin Walls HQ, which do backdrops for Adele and ITV, and then led me on to the Coventry Cultural Mela, which I also performed at, and the National Finals for Miss England.

So I'm just putting my shoes on. As soon as I've put my heels on, I definitely feel like I'm on top of the world. Just those few inches more changes everything.