Brie Larson is an '80s fitness queen in retro leotard and leg warmers

brie larson wearing 80s gym wear including a leotard and leg warmers
Brie Larson is '80s fitness queen in retro gym kit@brielarson - Instagram

If getting fit was one of your 2024 New Year's resolutions, you're not alone. And if you've already failed at that, taking one too many days off and ruining your gym streak, you are also most definitely not alone either. Hey, we're all human, right?

But one person who seems to be keeping up their exercise regime well into February is Brie Larson. The actor kicked things off last month with a spot of wild swimming, sharing a photo of herself in the water wearing a floral wetsuit just a few days into January. We've no doubt the water was cold, but we'd rather take a dip in LA than British waters right now...

And Brie's latest update saw the star again flaunting her fitness, this time snapping a mirror selfie in what appeared to be a dance studio.

See for yourself:

No stranger to a dance workout, Brie has previously detailed her dancing journey and shared snaps of herself in a leotard. In this latest post, she was again dressed for a dance class in a black and pink cut-out unitard, but she added a retro twist to her look.

Brie layered a pair of blue running shorts over the top of the high-neck zip-front design and added matching leg warmers to really complete the '80s-inspired ensemble. With her hair styled in a low bun, a black headband kept any loose strands off her face.

The photo dump was captioned, 'in my wholesome homebody era' and included other shots of Brie baking, doing Lego and playing with playdough – all hobbies that no doubt benefit her mental health alongside regular exercise.

We love to see it, Brie!

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