Bridgerton fans spot modern-day blunder in opening scenes

Daniella Scott
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Photo credit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX - Netflix
Photo credit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX - Netflix

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Every once in a while the internet does some high-scale investigative work and it comes up with the goods. We were only just recovering from the news that several members of the Bridgerton cast were in Harry Potter when an eagle-eyed fan spotted something else we missed in the opening senes; some modern-day blunders including yellow road lines and a Primark poster. Yikes.

Over the weekend a number of fans took to Twitter after spotting some historical gaffes in the opening episode of Netflix's hit period drama. One of the first scenes in the series shows horse-drawn carriages travelling down Bath's Royal Crescent, where the show was filmed. Several viewers pointed out that if you look closely you can clearly see painted yellow lines on the roadsides in these opening shots.

Another fan also spotted a telecoms manhole cover on the pavement during a scene with Penelope and Eloise. Meanwhile another fan claimed they could also see a Primark poster in the street during one scene of the hit series - although the viewer didn't include an image of this. The Shondaland drama is set in 1813, more than a century before yellow parking lines were painted onto roads, and quite some time before Primark was launched.

Look, nobody's perfect okay? If anything this will only contribute to the already exceptional Bridgerton memes on offer, and we still can't wait for series 2.

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