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Bride hears friends' snide comments about her wedding on audio guest book: 'This is my nightmare'

Every bride hopes their wedding guests will appreciate all the little details that went into their big day, but that isn’t always the case. The upside is the bride doesn’t typically hear the negative commentary (if there is any) since most of the chatter tends to happen behind their back.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one bride, who caught guests complaining about her wedding day after it happened.

The story was shared on TikTok by a woman named Yaya (@yayakampen), who offered an audio guest book for a unique and personal touch on her big day. Unlike typical guest books, which include multiple blank pages for wedding guests to write sweet or inspirational notes, this one involves a phone that acts as a recorder. The guests lift the receiver, leave a message for the happy couple and hang up. Later, a company combines the messages into one recording.

The only catch? Yaya says audio guest books are often super expensive, and the ones she looked into were at least $600. So she decided to go the DIY route.

“I decided to make one myself,” she explained before showing off an old phone she thrifted and decorated.

“I bought a teeny tiny audio recorder that was sound sensitive and installed it into the handle of the phone. And I mean sound sensitive like it would only record if it heard the sound of a voice,” Yaya continued. “So I figured that after the wedding was over, I would look at the file and it would have like individual audio files for each guest that left a message.”

There was just one problem.

“When I was done with the day and looked at the files later that week, I realized that it was so sensitive that it actually picked up voices from our entire venue,” the bride went on.

That means that in addition to the individual voice messages guests left, the recorder also picked up random conversations around the room, leaving Yaya with an overwhelmingly large audio file to edit.

Because of this, she put the project on hold for about a year and only returned to it recently.

“That’s when I realized that the teeny tiny recorder picked up a lot of s*** I wasn’t expecting,” Yaya explained.

But as it turns out, guests weren’t poking fun at her wedding favors or dissing the food — instead, they were discussing the drama that Yaya’s wedding had stirred up in town.

According to the TikToker, her small town isn’t the most accepting of gay marriages. (And that’s putting it mildly.) After learning that several people on their original guest list didn’t support their union, Yaya and her partner decided to “uninvite” them. This sent tongues wagging, but the real drama didn’t start until after that when the bride listened to the audio files and heard guests spouting upsetting and even homophobic things.

Apparently, some guests showed up as a courtesy but still thought the whole thing was “wrong” and let their real thoughts slip during the reception. That sad realization left Yaya stunned — especially since she would never have known the truth if not for the recordings.

“Omg, so you wiretapped your event,” one person wrote.

“I need to hear some of these clips!” demanded another.

“This is my nightmare,” added someone else.

Some TikTokers said they wouldn’t be able to listen to the criticism.

“I’d have to pay the $700 just to not hurt my own feelings,” one person confessed.

Ultimately, Yaya doesn’t seem that offended. At the end of the video, she suggests that others try the continuous recording, too, and insists it’s very eye-opening.

“So … pro tip, I guess?” she says with a smile, before implying that if you really want to know what guests say about you, this is one way to do it without getting caught.

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