Bride can't narrow down her closest friends so chooses all 15 to be bridesmaids at her wedding

Chelsie opted to have 15 bridesmaid for her wedding to Sonny (Caters)
Chelsie opted to have 15 bridesmaid for her wedding to Sonny (Caters)

Choosing your bridesmaids can be a tricky decision for any bride. Do you opt for your sister, childhood friend, work wife or your BFF?

Or do you make like one bride who found it so tricky to narrow down the bridal party she decided to invite every one of her close friends to be a bridesmaid, all 15 of them.

Chelsie Lindsay, 28, just couldn't decide which friends should accompany her down the aisle on her big day – so she opted not to narrow it down at all and had all of them instead.

Even her husband Sonny, 29, from Loughton, Essex, was “shocked” by the number of bridesmaids but Chelsie says each of them “brought something different to the table”.

“I loved having my best friends and sister Amber Kemp, 24, who was my maid of honour, with me for every step of the way,” she explains.

“I briefly thought about narrowing them down, but it was impossible.

"There aren't any rules about how many bridesmaids you can have, so I made my own and I couldn't have done it without them.

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The bride couldn't narrow down her closest friends, so had them all (Caters)
The bride couldn't narrow down her closest friends, so had them all (Caters)

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The personal assistant says she doesn’t regret having so many bridesmaids as each of them helped in different ways.

“One was my hairdresser, another is super creative and helped make my decorations and another helped with the drone and editing our wedding video.

“They all organised two hen parties for me, one in London for family to attend and a girl's trip to Malta where we had such a laugh playing games they had made.

“There was never a dull moment or empty dance floor as it was filled by my bridesmaids alone!

“I was super relaxed on the day because I had so much support from the girls.”

But having so many bridesmaids did add an extra complication in terms of settling on just one colour for their dresses.

Once again, however, the bride opted to do things her own way and picked three different colours - pastel orange, yellow and pink - for her bridal party, setting her back £600.

The bridesmaids helped organise the hen dos (Caters)
The bridesmaids helped organise the hen dos (Caters)

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The groom, who is an HGV driver, proposed at Disney Land Florida in 2018.

While there, the bride-to-be ordered 15 trinket boxes and engraved lockets to give her besties on her return.

“The girls were shocked and crying when I asked them all to be my bridesmaid, some said they knew it would be hard but never expected everyone to make the cut.

“I have been friends with some of the girls since primary school and the rest secondary school – we do everything together.

“I think most people were shocked when I told them how many bridesmaids [I had] but I think it was great.”

Though his bride opted to supersize her bridal party, Sonny opted for an altogether more conventional size for his groomsmen, choosing two best men and two ushers.

He said: “I was shocked by the number of bridesmaids, but I thought Chelsie might have had more as she has a lot of friends

“It was the greatest day of my life and I wish we could do it all again.”