Relatable breastfeeding advert that aired during Golden Globes praised by viewers

A commercial shown during the Golden Globes is being praised for depicting the reality of breastfeeding, image posed by model. (Getty Images)
A commercial shown during the Golden Globes is being praised for depicting the reality of breastfeeding, image posed by model. (Getty Images)

Golden Globes viewers are praising an advert that aired during a break in the awards ceremony for helping to "normalise" breastfeeding.

During the 78th Golden Globes, a Frida Mom Stream of Lactation commercial aired that aimed to highlight the realities of new motherhood, particularly when it comes to breastfeeding and expressing.

The advert showed new mothers often struggling to breastfeed their crying babies, showcasing issues ranging from getting their babies to latch on, to leaking nipples and worries they are not producing enough milk.

In the past, adverts surrounding the subject of breastfeeding may have chosen to hide women's breasts and nipples, and shied away from the often painful reality of learning to nurse a baby, but the realistic and relatable ad depicts everything – nipples and all.

Interestingly, another commercial by Frida Mom, a brand that sells postpartum recovery products, was reportedly rejected from the 2020 Oscar Awards over “partial nudity” and for being “too graphic".

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Ahead of the advert's showing, Frida Mom CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn said in a statement: “The reality is that women are blindsided by the physicality of breastfeeding – raw nipples, uterine contractions, painful clogs no one tells you that it can be as painful as your vaginal recovery.

“It’s all part of the postpartum physical experience – but it never gets any air time because the end supposedly justifies the means. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

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After the commercial aired, numerous viewers took to social media to praise the “honest” representation of breastfeeding, with many expressing gratitude to the makers for depicting a more relatable version of parenting ads typically shown.

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Emma Pickett, a breastfeeding counsellor and chair of Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, also tweeted her thoughts on the commercial, praising the realism of the advert but also drawing attention to the importance of parent support.

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“Lots of parents have responded positively to the realism in the advert," Pickett told Yahoo UK. "It is true that the challenges people experience around establishing breastfeeding are rarely talked about in public.

"But I just wish the solution presented was people and not simply buying products. I thought we’d see these two mums connecting at the end but they stayed in isolation.

"So many gain strength from speaking to others going through the same highs and lows AND speaking to those qualified to offer breastfeeding support.”

The NHS has compiled a list of resources that are available to breastfeeding parents who need or would like support and information.

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