Breast cancer survivor says her sports bra saved her life

Sandra Greene says her sports bra saved her life. (SWNS)
Sandra Greene says her sports bra saved her life. (SWNS)

A breast cancer survivor says her life was saved by her sports bra after it rubbed against a bump that turned out to be a tumour.

Sandra Greene, 54, was out for a run when her bra became uncomfortable and started to chafe on her chest.

When she checked at home, Sandra found a bumpy vein on her left breast - which was later confirmed to be breast cancer.

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Sandra Greene's sports bra rubbed against a lump that was later diagnosed as a tumour. (SWNS)
Sandra Greene's sports bra rubbed against a lump that was later diagnosed as a tumour. (SWNS)

Sandra, a financial ombudsman, said: “It could have been a very different story if I hadn’t paid attention to my bra rubbing against my skin.

"Thank goodness I checked as my cancer was caught early. That sports bra saved my life!”

She added: "I was really getting into my training when I realised that my bra was rubbing my chest.

"It was a sports bra that I’d worn on many occasions and had always been comfortable, but, suddenly, it just felt wrong.

“It wasn’t a round lump. It felt more like a bumpy vein, so I wasn’t too concerned, but given my family history I decided to book an appointment with my GP.”

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An MRI scan revealed Sandra had two tumours in her breast and she was diagnosed with multifocal lobular breast cancer.

The mum underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction in October and was placed on a seven-year course of hormone therapy.

Sandra, from Grays, Essex, lives with husband Neil and youngest son Callum, 16, and said she is looking forward to a healthy life.

She said: "I feel so grateful to be here and I’m looking forward to the future.

"We’re hoping to go to America this year to visit my eldest son, Bradley, who’s there on a football scholarship, and hopefully meet up with so many people we couldn’t meet during lockdowns.

"And, of course, I’m looking forward to taking part in lots more running challenges."

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 Sandra underwent a mastectomy. (SWNS)
Sandra underwent a mastectomy. (SWNS)

Sandra has encouraged people to take part in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life to help raise money for research to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

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