Bond girl Ana de Armas' sculpted legs in a mini skirt are all the inspo we need

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If you haven't yet heard that Ana de Armas portray Marilyn Monroe in the new film Blonde on Netflix, know that it's a must-see.

And as the actress, 34, has continued to promote it, her style has been on-point. Ana recently attended the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations: Blonde event, and I am obsessed with her latest look. Ana hit the red carpet in a school girl-chic look, which included a powder blue lace-y sweater, mini skirt, socks and loafers that highlighted her strong and toned legs.

Ana's legs have always gotten quite the workout. That's because she trains hard for all her films since she performs her own stunts, including her role in the Bond movie No Time To Die.

She shared with Vogue UK, 'I have to prepare for this action film I’m doing with really intense, physical work, training and choreographies. I do it from 9am to 2pm and then I get a break—and then on the weekends I go to the shooting range and I practice shooting with firing arms that I have to use in the film.'

Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images

In general, Ana likes to stay active. She told People, 'Exercise also makes me happy, but it has to be fun,' she said. 'I do something different every day—one day boxing, the next spinning or weight training—to not get bored.'

And she also loves to do Pilates. She told Vogue that she got really into it while filming her action-adventure flick, The Gray Man, while in Prague.

'I’ve been going to this beautiful Pilates studio very close to my hotel,' she said. 'It’s in this gorgeous old majestic building on the top floor with windows to the river.' She utilises whatever she has equipment-wise: a reformer, chair, and bench, which she added had helped 'keeping me sane' and fit.

As for her diet, Ana also told People that, 'Food makes me quite happy,' and she’s 'not very disciplined with diets.'

And she has a soft spot for wine and caviar.

Live it up, Ana!

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