Bojangles' New Menu Item Is the Most Brilliant Fast-Food Invention We've Ever Seen

The Snack Wrap crowd’s going to love it.

Late last year, McDonald's teased its customers who had been waiting for the return of the popular Snack Wraps (which disappeared off menus in 2016) with McCrispy Wraps. Those wraps seem to have come and gone, too.

Other fast-food restaurants are stepping up to fill the void. KFC just announced the launch of the Twister Wrap, a revamped version of one that was on its menu 10 years ago. Last year, Burger King added BK Royal Crispy Wraps as a limited-time offering to the menu. They must have done well because Burger King still has them on its menu.

Even Taco Bell knows fans want a crispy chicken sandwich they can eat with just one hand. It offered a Crispy Chicken Taco last year, although it's no longer on the menu.

Now Bojangles—who, by the way, just brought back its sweet and tangy famous Bo Sauce—is stepping up to fill the snack wrap void, but there's no wrap in sight. That's okay because we think it's one of the best fast-food items we've ever seen.

Bo's New Bird Dog, a Brilliant Fast-Food Invention

If the goal of a wrap is to be small, snack-sized, and fit in one hand, perhaps the physical wrap (aka tortilla) is unnecessary to achieve that goal. Some other type of bread, as long as it fits in one hand, could take its place. Hot dog buns fit that description.

Bojangles just introduced Bo's Bird Dogs, and they're a brilliant idea. They're a spin on a hot dog, using a split-top bun to hold a Bojangles Chicken Supreme tender topped with pickles and Carolina Gold sauce, a sweet and tangy honey mustard-based barbecue sauce. They're designed specifically to eat on the go. They're also available in bulk for gatherings, sporting events, or family meals. Imagine showing up to the neighborhood Memorial Day party with a tray of these. You may be a hero.

Bojangles' introductory Instagram post shows the sauce slowly drizzled onto the crispy chicken in the bun, and it does look very lip-smacking appealing.

"Best thing on the menu," one person commented. Another suggested topping the Bird Dog with something other than the Carolina Gold sauce. "Some hot pimento cheese sauce would pair perfectly with this," they said.

"Let's make these a permanent piece of the menu. They are great," one Instagrammer suggested, but Bird Dogs are only here for a limited time.

Sadly, Bojangles isn't located everywhere in the country. But you can easily make them at home. Make this mustard-based barbecue sauce that has a healthy dose of honey in it. Cook up some fried chicken tenders. Buy split-topped hot dog buns and pickles. Put it all together, and you've got DIY Bird Dogs. 

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