Bojangles Is Coming to This City for the First Time Ever

Get ready for fried chicken and biscuits in the Golden State.



Bojangles’ westward expansion is continuing on a massive scale. Earlier this year, the Southern chain announced that it will open 20 restaurants in the Las Vegas area. Now, word is out that Bojangles will open 30 new locations in Los Angeles, starting next year. The full collection of restaurants will debut over the ensuing six years.

Hot on the tail of the return of creamy fan-favorite Bo Sauce, the company hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina is going Hollywood. But not just Hollywood. In fact, most of its 800-plus locations are in the Southeast.  Fans can find Bojangles’ hangover-curing buttermilk biscuits, stuffed with everything from pimento cheese to the brand’s crisp-and-juicy Cajun-style chicken (and even served in sweet dessert form), in 17 states right now. Besides the new locations popping up imminently in Las Vegas and New Jersey, restaurants in Ohio and the Chicago area recently joined the country-fried family. Bojangles encourages franchisees to commit to five to 10 locations, the root of this prodigious growth.

Bojangles has the most locations in its home state of North Carolina, but its crispy chicken has spread its wings as far Northeast as Pennsylvania in the United States, and to countries including Honduras.

Bojangles Is Expanding to Los Angeles

As for the Los Angeles metro area, franchisees Lorenzo Boucetta and the aptly named Poulet Brothers, LLC, say they plan to open their first store early in 2025. “From the moment I was first introduced to Bojangles, I knew immediately that this was a brand that I wanted to be a part of. The delicious chicken, biscuits, and breakfast, combined with strong unit economics and unparalleled support made the decision a no-brainer for me,” said Boucetta in a company press release.

No Bojangles in your area yet? Chances are, the faithful will soon be able to buy tubs of pimento cheese nationwide. And Bojangles is happy to welcome new franchisees.

In the same press release, the company stated that it’s looking for people with “strong financial capacity, relevant business or restaurant experience, and a sophisticated professional background.” Sound like you? Bojangles has a whole website set up just for potential franchisees. For the rest of us, salivating at the approach of new fried chicken and biscuits to our hometown will have to be enough.

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