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This body positive blogger gloriously recreates all your favourite celebrity looks

For any fan of celebrity fashion, 'shop the look' guides are a secret guilty pleasure. But more often than not, many magazines and bloggers will only feature standard size brands; leaving the plus-size community a little out in the cold.

Cue: Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style, the body positive blogger making waves with her 'Super Size the Look' series on Instagram. As part of the series, Katie recreates all your favourite celebrity 'looks' including everyone from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Kate Middleton) to Kendall Jenner.

The size 20 blogger, with 443,000-strong Instagram following, credits the series' popularity to the fact that a majority of women look at celebrities and "think that their style is unattainable because of their body size".

"Showing the outfit on my body and how great it looks proves you can have style at any size and you don’t have to be a size six," she says.

Katie wants to open up a dialogue about the real issues size 12 + women face when shopping, and started calling out brands who don't cater to the plus-sized market via her #MakeMySize series.

"I don’t want to call anyone out in a negative way, I’d rather start a dialogue and it’s resulted in me collaborating and consulting with many of my favourite brands," Katie continues.

"We’re at the start of a transition that’s going to change the way we shop in the future. The more we see body representation and the more it becomes normalised to not only see one size in mainstream media the better it’s going to be for everyone and it will bring about real change."

So, without further ado, scroll through Katie's best Super Size The Look moments below...

This body positive blogger gloriously recreates all your favourite celebrity looks

Her Kate Middleton outfit is 😍😍

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