"My body is 70% tattoos - I've lost work and get followed around shops by security"

A woman whose body is 70 per cent covered by tattoos says she has lost work and gets followed round shops by security guards. Sarah Hutchinson, 29, known by fans as Joey, is an actress and says the ink art which covers 70% of her body means she gets typecast as a criminal or homeless person. Colleagues tell her the artwork - which covers her arms and legs - is intimidating and people assume she's "mean". Sarah, who starred in ITV's The Cabin, got her first tattoo - "4ever in my heart" on her wrist when she was 15 - and reckons she has spent around £7,000 on tattoos since. The personal trainer and musician says her hand tattoos of a star, a moon and the word 'why' are her biggest regret. She has an ex's name tattooed her wedding ring finger - but it's too painful to remove, and she says her girlfriend won't marry her while it's still there. Sarah reckons repairing or covering up "shoddy" work will cost her £1500 - and her top tips to others include never booking an artist who costs less than £350 a day. She also recommends waiting at least three months AFTER picking a design, before having it inked.