Bobby Davro explains how he’s coping with fiancée’s ‘devastating’ cancer diagnosis: ‘It’s extremely painful’

Bobby Davro with his partner Vicky Wright  (Getty Images)
Bobby Davro with his partner Vicky Wright (Getty Images)

Comedian Bobby Davro has revealed his fiancée Vicky Wright is suffering from pancreatic cancer, adding that the diagnois has been “extremely painful”.

Davro, real name Robert Christopher Nankeville, proposed to Wright in December 2022, after 12 years together. Her cancer was reportedly detected last year.

In a new interview with The Daily Star, the British entertainer said it has been “horrific” to watch Wright with this illness. He added that he’s coping with the “tragedy” by keeping himself busy with work.

“Thank goodness I’ve got my work, because it keeps my mind off this for a bit of time,” the father-of-three said.

However, he clarified that performing stand-up is “just a distraction for a bit of time” from trying to help his partner.

“I need to see people laughing, and I like that I can still make people laugh while dealing with this,” Davro, 64, continued.

He also expressed his support for others whose partners or family members have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Davro told the newspaper Wright’s father died from the disease, which is hard to detect until an advanced stage.

Davro said his best advice for someone who’s going through the same thing is that “laughter is the best medicine”.

“There are millions of other people with partners and wives and husbands who are going through the same thing,” he added. “I just want to tell them you have to push ­forward and get back up – and ­never, ever let life beat you.”

Davro made his TV debut in 1981, and earned a breakthrough spot in Live from Her Majesty’s two years later.

He played the role of Vinnie Monks in the BBC’s hit EastEnders between 2007 and 2008. He has also appeared on Celebrity Come Dine With Me and Your Face Sounds Familiar.