Blue Lights viewers saying same thing as show returns with season 2 debut

Stevie Neil (MARTIN McCANN), Grace Ellis (SIÂN BROOKE), 
Annie Conlon (KATHERINE DEVLIN), Tommy Foster (NATHAN BRANIFF) in Blue Lights Series 2
Stevie Neil (MARTIN McCANN), Grace Ellis (SIÂN BROOKE), Annie Conlon (KATHERINE DEVLIN), Tommy Foster (NATHAN BRANIFF) in Blue Lights Series 2 (Two Cities Television/Todd Antony/BBC)

The BBC's smash hit police drama Blue Lights returned to our screens on Monday night with the gripping first episode of its highly-anticipated second season.

For those who have yet to watch the show, it's set in Belfast and follows a batch of newly qualified police officers navigating the unique challenges of law enforcement in post-conflict Northern Ireland.

Siân Brooke, Katherine Devlin, and Nathan Braniff star as new recruits Grace, Annie, and Tommy, alongside Martin McCann as Grace's mentor Stevie Neil.

The second series takes place a year after the fall of the McIntyre crime gang and the vacuum has been filled by rival gangs, all competing for dominance.

Sian Brooke in Blue Lights Series 2
Sian Brooke stars as Grace in Blue Lights series two (Two Cities Television/Todd Antony)

Viewers who tuned into the opening episode were full of praise for the drama, with some saying it was even better than series one.

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One person wrote: "Just caught up on the first episode of the 2nd Blue Lights series, absolutely loved it. This country is bursting with talent ready to be seen. #BlueLights," while another added: "#BlueLights excellent writing, even better than the 1st season."

A third viewer agreed, penning: "Season two of #BlueLights off to a great start! Writing, acting, directing superb! So much talent in Northern Ireland."

Stevie Neil (Martin McCann) and Grace Ellis (Siân Brooke) in Blue Lights
Viewers praised the compelling series two debut (Two Cities Television/BBC)

Others couldn't resist binge-watching the series, which is available on BBC iPlayer. "Just binge-watched season 2 of #BlueLights. Absolutely phenomenal!" wrote one fan, while another added: "Only 3 episodes in (couldn't resist bingeing) and #BlueLights is better than ever."

Some fans, however, are still heartbroken over the shocking death of PC Gerry Cliff (Richard Dormer), who was shot at the end of series one.

One person wrote: "Off to a superb start for #BlueLights tonight, but I was seriously hoping we might somehow get Gerry back!" while another added: "And another immaculate start. Still missing Gerry, though."

Richard Dormer as Gerry Cliff in Blue Lights
Gerry Cliff was shot at the end of series one (Steffan Hill)

Speaking about the decision to kill off the character, co-creator Declan Lawn said: "The death of Gerry was calculated for us because we knew it was going to be the genesis of series two. We knew that tragedy would bond the section together and they would never forget him and the show would never forget him.

"It's about how great things can come from grief. My hope is when the audience get to the end of series two that no one asks 'why did you kill Gerry?'"

For those yet to catch up on series two, it follows Grace, Annie and Tommy as they develop as police officers while rival gangs compete to fill the void left by the McIntyre crime family.

Tommy Foster (Nathan Braniff) and Annie Conlon (Katherine Devlin) in Blue Lights
Nathan Braniff as Tommy Foster and Katherine Devlin as Annie Conlon (Two Cities Television/BBC)

The synopsis continues: "Constable Shane Bradley is drafted in to help, but his motivations are unclear.

"Tommy is dangerously seduced by the world of intelligence policing, while Grace struggles to deal with her son’s absence, and growing feelings for fellow officer Stevie.

"As a young loyalist threatens to take over the city, the officers face a major gangland feud – culminating in a violent and devastating confrontation."

Blue Lights is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.