MLBer's fiancée Taye Anita reflects on overcoming burnout: 'I was full of anxiety'

The influencer emphasized the pressure she felt to meet societal expectations.


Taye Anita is focused on living "in the present moment."

In an Instagram Reel on Wednesday, the fiancée of Toronto Blue Jays player Zach Pop, offered a raw and intimate glimpse into her personal wellness journey. She shared clips of exercise, meditation and self-care practices with on-screen text that reads, "What if all you had to do is believe. Everything you've hoped for came true. What if the rest of this year turned out to be the best of this year."

In the caption, Anita reflected on her battle with burnout, writing, "I used to always be running towards the finish line. I used to stack my days with goals and targets. List after list. Torturing myself in the process. Sleepless nights. 5 a.m. wake up calls to prove something.

"My body felt weighed down and I was full of anxiety — the fear of never reaching my potential scared me to death. Goal after goal; but no feeling of satisfaction."

Speaking on her constant chase for self-improvement, Anita confessed she was "constantly striving for a better version of myself; a version I believed lived outside of who I already was." She emphasized the pressure she felt to meet societal expectations in the races to prove her worth.

After recently reading a social media post that said, "90 days left of the year — go hard!" Anita realized she is "no longer sparked by the same things" she used to be.

"I have a renewed view of life lately. I'm moving slow and gentle. Allowing myself to fully be alive for the present moment."

I'm no longer overbooking my schedule," she penned. "I removed email access from my phone, I'm sleeping nine hours a night, I’ve accepted balance is so incredibly beautiful."

In the comments, fans thanked the content creator for the valuable reminder.

"I love this new balanced life of yours! It looks so good on you!" an Instagram user wrote.

"This!" a fan added. "Every word."

"Thank you for this beautiful post and reminder," commented another.

"This is such an important reminder nowadays. The grind is not fulfilling, we're just tricked into thinking it is by capitalism that wants us to keep working, relentlessly for our entire lives," someone weighed in.

Last month, Taye and Pop announce their engagement with a heartwarming Instagram post including pictures capturing the moments after the Blue Jays pitcher popped the question.

The snaps include selfies of the pair, Anita showing off her stunning engagement ring and the scene where Pop asked the question.

"Oct. 6 was the best day of our lives! It had God's name written all over it. We truly can't put into words the overwhelming joy in our hearts right now," Anita penned in the caption.

"The past week has been a complete dream but one we never ever have to wake up from. Completely in awe of how God prepared us for this moment. I'm marrying my best friend, and I'm the luckiest girl in the world. You are wildly loved now and forever by your fiancée."

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