Blow drying your beard is essential: Here's why

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It’s a given that – especially on freezing winter days – blow drying your hair is convenient and can add a healthy dose of volume to it, too.

So if we’re prepared to dry our head hair, what’s so different about beard hair? Or does something different about it mean it’d only get damaged?

We asked Joe Pomper and James Carroll, barbers at luxury barbershop Murdock Covent Garden, whether men should take up the habit or not.

Man with beard
Have you ever tried it? [Photo: Pexels]

“Yes,” says Pomper. “Using a gentle heat or even just the cold air setting and aiming your blasts in the direction of hair growth, you can best set the shape of your beard and achieve a more voluminous appearance.”

And as with any new grooming routine, using the right products will create the right effect.

“This technique is especially effective if you begin with a wet beard after washing through with beard-friendly shampoo and conditioner,” he explains.

But what about that worrisome heat damage? Frazzled facial hair isn’t good facial hair, after all.

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The satisfied look of a man with a voluminous beard [Photo: Pexels]

“Apply beard moisturiser into damp hair before blow drying to better protect your facial hair from any heat and prevent it from becoming overly dry and static,” suggests Carroll.

“Combing through with a dedicated beard brush or afro comb can also help shape and enliven hair that feels particularly dry.”

And there’s one particularly irritating thing it can help with too; beard dandruff.

Beard stylist Jeff Chastain told Buzzfeed that blow drying a beard prevents water getting trapped on top of the skin, which is what causes dry skin and beard dandruff.

So if you want a volumnous, dandruff-free beard, you know what to do.

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