Victoria’s Secret airbrushing flubs

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By: Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

Spring is here, which among other things means it's time to start preparing for swimsuit season. We only have a few short months to hit the gym, ditch our sweatpants, and get our diets in order, and Victoria's Secret is already rolling out their summer swimwear collection. But this season we may need to do more than just squats and push-ups to look like a Victoria's Secret model.

Call us crazy, but either the folks at VS don't know how to retouch photos, or this pretty blonde model has one funky torso. Exactly what kind of crunches must you do to achieve an upper body that sits
five inches to the right of your hips? And when you do master this astounding body contortion, must you emphasise it with contrasting bikini tops and bottoms?

Really though, it almost looks like two separate beach photos were pasted together to make this photo. In fact, that pink bikini and set of legs may belong  to someone else altogether!

Next up: thigh resizing. Sure models don't have too much extra flesh on their legs, but the one in the blue romper on the right must be taking cues from Gumby.

How else do you explain the wide-set hips with spider legs that jut out with a wide gap in between them? We know Victoria's Secret Angels are a special breed, but these ladies may not be human. Or they've been heavily airbrushed. Last, but not least, we have supermodel Marissa Miller wearing a red polo tee. As far as we know, the model still has all her limbs intact, despite the fact that she looks like she lost her arm to the mouth of a shark. We're not sure what's going on over at Victoria's Secret, but for once we can safely say we're glad we don't look like Victoria's Secret models.

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