Little sister Pippa Middleton steals Kate’s media spotlight

It is hard not to notice that the UK has become Pippa Middleton-obsessed. Before the Royal Wedding, the nation was focused on following the every move of bride-to-be Kate; but ever since the big day our interest has shifted and a new star has emerged - Pippa.

Now Kate's younger sibling has been thrown onto the world stage: statistics show she is the most talked about Middleton in the media this week eclipsing Prince William's bride four weeks after 24 million Brits watched the wedding.

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Since Clarence House requested that the media respect William and Kate's privacy on their honeymoon, coverage of Kate has dropped 94 per cent. As a result, Pippa found herself in the spotlight, with over 60 stories broadcast and printed about her since the Royal Wedding.

Brian Merron from Kantar Media intelligence, who conducted the study, told The Daily Telegraph, "It comes as no surprise that Kate's media profile rose to such heights immediately before and after the Royal Wedding."

The media analyst added, "But it's fascinating to see the post-wedding emergence of her sister Pippa in the UK media."

The 27-year-old party planner from Bucklebury sparked media frenzy when her rear became one of the most talked about topics of the Royal Wedding.

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Women and men up and down the nation were awe-struck when little-known Pippa stepped out in her bridesmaid gown on 29 April - and now many Brits are anxious to tone, sculpt and eat their way to achieve her perfect bottom.

It's only been a month since the wedding, but with the media frenzy surrounding Pippa, it seems she may have snatched the proverbial crown from sister Kate. According to Merron, this is just the beginning:

"It's safe to say that Pippa Middleton's celebrity status is well and truly set to climb and climb."

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