Can you spot the healthier option?

Millions of Brits are still completely unaware of calories in everyday foods, according to a survey by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

The poll found that the use of terms like 'light' or 'reduced fat' is confusing consumers.

The international cancer charity said we need to have a better understanding of which foods are high in calories because obesity is a key factor in causing a range of diseases from cancer and heart disease to diabetes.

Think you know all there is to know about healthy foods?  Put your knowledge to the test with our quick quiz.

Which is healthier...?

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All Bran or Fruit 'n' Fibre?
Although both of these are healthy breakfast cereals,  All Bran actually contains slightly fewer calories, a similar amount of fat, protein and salt and three times more fibre providing over 50% of the total amount we need in a day.

Flapjack or a fancy iced cake?
Flap jack is likely to contain more sugar, more than double the calories and four times more fat of a similar sized serving of iced cake.

Cheese salad baguette or a cheese and pickle sandwich?
Don't be fooled by the salad as the baguette actually contains 70% more fat and 65% more calories than the cheese and pickle sandwich.

Caesar salad or a Greek salad?
The Caesar salad dressing, cheese and deep fried croutons push the calories and fat content of this innocent looking salad up to more than double that of the Greek salad.

A Costa coffee lemon and poppy seed muffin or a butter croissant?
The Butter Croissant.  It has just 276 calories and 16 grams of fat compared to the muffin that has 532 calories and 28 grams of fat.

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Burger King XL Double Whopper or a Burger King Double Cheese Burger with Bacon?
These two very similar meals have very different nutritional contents.  The XL Double Whopper has 71% more calories and 90% more fat than the Double Cheese burger.

Deep pan pepperoni pizza or a thin crust pepperoni pizza?
Despite being similar in calories the thin crust pizza has approximately 7 grams more fat.  This is probably because thick crust pizzas have a smaller surface area to absorb fat.

Avocado and crabstick salad or Goat's cheese salad?
Cheese may be high in calories but a Goat's cheese salad may only contain small quantities. While an avocado is a good source of protein it's also high in fat and processed crabsticks are equivalent to a mixture of bread, sugar and fat which is not so healthy after all.

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