James Franco 'Hits On' Teenage Schoolgirl In Series Of Instagram Messages

The A-lister got caught out after the teen made the thread public

He's known for his love of social media.

But it seems that James Franco has got himself into a *little* bit of trouble after apparently hitting on a 17-year-old Scottish schoolgirl in a stream of Instagram messages... and it's a bit awks.

The teen met the 35-year-old after she waited outside a Broadway theatre for him on Tuesday, and it seems that the A-lister took a liking to her.

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Lucy Clode, who was in New York with her mother for a holiday, later uploaded a video she'd taken of James to the social networking site, tagging him in it.

And that's when things kicked off as the stunned schoolgirl got a (slightly creepy) series of messages after Franco followed her back. Eek!

After asking her how long she was staying in NYC, the star probed her further, asking how old she was and whether or not she had a boyfriend.

The youngster then gave Franco her phone number and the pair started texting, with the actor clearly keen to meet up in person... all getting a little uncomfortable.

Things got even weirder when the star suggested that he rent the hotel room next to Lucy where she was staying WITH HER MOTHER!!!


But savvy Lucy clearly thought the whole thing was a little too good to be true, and called him out on his come-ons, asking if he was the real James Franco.

To prove that it really *was* him, James held up a piece of paper with her name written on it as he tried to convince her to meet.

We're not sure how things panned out, but we do know that Lucy made the messages public... with James presumably left a little red-faced.

BUT, in the world of James Franco things aren't always as they seem and it's been suggested that the whole thing is just one big PR stunt for his new movie. Hmmmm.

The forthcoming film, Palo Alto, involves a teacher who has a relationship with an underage girl.