Best deals on supermarket Easter eggs

Jo Romero

The Guardian recently reported rising chocolate prices this Easter, with the Galaxy Minstrels egg increasing in price by up to 140%.  Rising cocoa costs have been blamed on poor harvests, political unrest in the Ivory Coast (the world's largest cocoa exporter), and escalating fuel and sugar prices.

After Easter, chocolate egg prices can drop dramatically, but popular eggs are snapped up fast. Don't wait for the sales - here are some of the best deals this Easter.

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Tesco offering a bundle deal on small eggs - equivalent to £1 each

At Tesco - whose Portslade Tesco Metro store famously began selling chocolate eggs on Christmas Eve - shoppers can pick up a bundle deal on Easter eggs for the equivalent of £1 each.

Currently, the 85g Milky Way egg is priced at £2 per egg, but is part of a 3 for £3 deal. Other eggs in the deal include the Maltesers egg (88g), Nestlé Milky Bar egg (65g) and the Smarties egg (90g). Tesco's offer ends on 24/4/11.

Co-Operative 'buy one get one free' deal - £1.75 per egg

The Co-Op are offering 'buy one get one free' deals on their branded Easter eggs this year.  While a Maltesers Easter egg usually sells for £3.50 each, by taking advantage of this offer you can buy one for the equivalent of £1.75 each.

Other eggs included in the offer include the Cadbury Crème Easter Egg, Dairy Milk Buttons Egg, the Flake, Mini Eggs, and Mars eggs (sizes 149-192g). The offer ends on 25/4/11.

Iconic Lindt chocolate bunnies '2 for £5' at Sainsbury's and Tesco - £2.50 per bunny

The Lindt chocolate bunnies are one of the world's oldest and best selling chocolate Easter bunnies, with 97 million of them sold in 2009. However, if you go shopping for your red-ribboned gold chocolate bunny at some shops you might find yourself out of pocket.

At Sainsbury's a single 100g Lindt bunny can be bought for £3, but both Sainsbury's and Tesco are offering a 2 for £5 deal, meaning that you save 50p per bunny. Tesco's deal ends on 25/4/11, but you have an extra day to snap up the deal at Sainsbury's (their offer ends on 26/4/11).

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Take advantage of Asda's '3 for £10' deal on large Easter eggs - £3.33 each

Asda currently have a 'linksave' offer on some much loved brands, as well as their own Asda-brand Easter eggs.

The Thornton's 'Moments' (240g) egg is included in this deal, along with the popular Galaxy Minstrels egg and Aero Peppermint mug egg. It also includes Asda's own 'Classic Collection' eggs (285g), giving shoppers the chance to pick up luxury chocolate eggs for the equivalent of just over £3 each.

Snap up an award-winning egg for £5 - at Tesco

Chocolate connoisseurs were shocked when a Tesco Easter egg beat the likes of Green and Black's, Thorntons and Rococo in a taste test. The test, conducted by the Good Housekeeping Institute, praised Tesco's Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge and Honeycomb for its "sweet, creamy chocolate" and ranked it number one out of 68 eggs tested.

Available individually at £7, it is currently in a '2 for £10' offer until 24/04/11. Caroline Bloor, Consumer Editor for the Good Housekeeping Institute commented that "supermarkets have really stepped up the game, making eggs that rival the best branded offerings". Be quick to enjoy this award-winning egg at the equivalent of £5 each.

Information correct at the time of writing, check with individual retailers for more details. 

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