Domestic Violence Campaign Sees Your Favourite Cartoon Characters Battered And Bruised


Domestic violence is experienced by 30 per cent of women in the UK – while it’s the leading cause of injury to women in the US.

So we’re absolutely in favour of anything that highlights the abuse of women and encourages them to ask for help – including this latest campaign, which sees your favourite cartoon characters beaten up by their husbands.

Italian artist AleXsandro Palombod has redrawn some of the most iconic female cartoon characters as victims of domestic violence – and the results are shocking to say the least.

In one picture of Marge and Homer Simpson, Marge is seen with a black eye and a bleeding nose – while her husband Homer stands by 'innocently'.

Other famous cartoon character couples that were redrawn for the No Violence Against Women project including Wilma and Fred Flinstone.

He’s got a massive grin on his face despite wife Wilma standing battered and bruised beside him.

Homer and Marge Simpson are just two of the famous cartoon character couples to feature in the campaign [AleXsandro Palombo] 
Fred Flimstone is all smiles despite his battered wife Wilma standing beside him [AleXsandro Palombo] 

We also see Disney character Snow White standing vacantly beside her Prince Charming – who’s got a hand on her shoulder imposingly.

Popeye and Olive Oil also feature in the campaign, with Popeye posing with that signature smirk on his face despite Olive Oil whimpering by his side.

And defiantly, AleXsandro Palombo – who’s also an activist in his native country – portrayed Wonder Woman in the picture, who’s got a man’s fist covering her mouth.

He said he wanted to draw attention to the global issue – especially in couples that people think are OK.

“I wanted to give visibility to a problem that affects a great amount of women all over the world,” he told the Mail Online.

“Domestic violence is a problem so widespread that its victims and perpetrators could be anyone. Even in couples that appear to be normal.”