Kim Kardashian's Bizarre PFW Wardrobe: See-Through, Velvet And The Space Cowboy

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So, of COURSE Kim Kardashian is putting in every possible appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

The KUWTK star loves the city of romance so much she nearly got hitched there and fashion is like, so totally her thing now, don't you know?

But while we were all marvelling over her new platinum locks and wondering how on earth she got herself plonked next to the big names on the FROW again, we've also been staring incredulously at her clothes.

 Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner at the Lanvin show [REX]

What is she actually wearing?

She's debuted three outfites so far and they've all been odd - let's run through them.

The Most Normal

Okay, okay, so this look isn't totally strange.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leave the Royal Monceau Hotel [WENN]

The heavy, HEAVY velvet of her Balmain get-up is at least seasonally appropriate....and FINALLY she seems to have submitted to the need to wear tights in winter, thank goodness.

Adriana Lima shows off velvet creations on the Balmain runway at PFW [REX]

But with the new platinum locks, she does look a little bit like a Karl Lagerfeld tribute act.

The Naked One

Oh, there she is again, back to her usual nude-loving self. Though this time, she's forsaken her favourite skin-coloured spandex in favour being actually naked.

Kim Kardashian in a see-through mesh dress. [WENN]

Because why pretend to be naked and freezing in frosty Paris, when you could show some areola for real?

Kim Kardashian covers herself back up on the way to Lanvin [REX]

The Space Cowboy

And then there's this.....

Kim on her way to the Balmain after party [WENN]

Admittedly, tassels were EVERYWHERE at the Balmain after party.

All the fashion darlings from Joan Smalls to Jourdan Dunn were seen in some sort of tasselled, lacy Balmain creation.

Jourdan Dunn looked lovely in tassels [GETTY]

But Kim took tassels into overdrive with this shaggy, shiny, everso slightly all over the place look.

Well hey there Space Cowboy! [WENN]

The Man Behind The Material

To accompany every outfit there are, of course, shots of Kanye fiddling with a skirt, or sorting out the lapel of a jacket.

Kanye having a little fiddle with a hem there... [REX] 

So it seems pretty clear to us that he has been largely responsible for Kim's looks so far.

You'd think, with a fashion brand under his belt, that he might know a thing or two about how to select clothes for his beautiful wife's figure and style.

We're not convinced.

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What do you think of Kim's PFW wardrobe choices? Let us know in the comments!