Blend Cheese And Homemade Mayo For An Applause-Worthy Condiment

Blue cheese mayonnaise in a blue bowl
Blue cheese mayonnaise in a blue bowl - Haoliang/Getty Images

From its theorized beginnings in 1756, when a French cook on the island of Minorca invented it, to the creamy multi-billion-dollar empire of Hellmann's, mayonnaise reigns supreme. Greedily oozing from a juicy burger, smiling patiently from a ramekin, or stirred through batter mix for the fluffiest pancakes, its versatility knows no bounds. Yet, aside from these typical and perhaps unheard-of uses, have you ever considered how the simple addition of cheese could elevate this condiment to a new level of excellence?

The flavor profile of homemade mayonnaise usually comprises smooth, sour notes wrapped in a salty tang that's creamy yet somewhat zesty. Once blended with the pungent disposition of cheese, it's enriched, with this tart tang mellowed by the creaminess of the mayonnaise. With over a thousand varieties of cheese found globally, there are numerous opportunities for this mayo blend to shine. Whether it's with the distinct aroma of blue cheese or the sharpness of cheddar, the possibilities with this combination are exceptionally abundant. Naturally, softer cheeses will blend more effortlessly compared to the springy likes of those with a texture like mozzarella (but never say never!).

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Drizzle, Spread, Dollop, And Dip

Cheesy dip with rosemary and crackers
Cheesy dip with rosemary and crackers - Porosolka/Getty Images

While recipes vary, a basic homemade mayonnaise can be made with four core ingredients: eggs, mustard, olive oil, and acidity, either from lemon juice or vinegar. You can either prepare the homemade mayonnaise first and then add crumbled cheese to the mix, or combine the cheese with the egg yolks, mustard, and vinegar before slowly incorporating the oil. For a sumptuously creamy composition, blend crumbled cheese into the mixture with an immersion blender, or roughly stir through to leave salty pockets of cheese throughout.

It's essential to taste test this condiment before using it with any dish. If the mayonnaise tastes overly salty from the cheese, there are a few sauce-saving hacks. The acidity from lemon juice can cut through the salty bite, while sweet ingredients like honey or sugar will also balance the saltiness. However, they may also reduce the savory essence of the condiment. Otherwise, adding more olive oil is another excellent option, as the fat can easily absorb some of the excess salt.

Once you're happy with the taste, it's ready to drizzle on fries, spread inside a chicken sandwich, dollop on a grilled beef patty, or smooth onto a wide bowl for optimum dipping. Its robust flavor is complemented by its thicker texture, which is sure to create a condiment with style and vigor!

Working With Pungent Cheese And Mayo Flavors

Cheesy dip with fresh vegetables
Cheesy dip with fresh vegetables - Istetiana/Getty Images

Blue cheese may seem like a tangy overload once blended with mayonnaise, but adding sour cream to this duo will lighten the rich flavors. Gorgonzola would also work well in this mix, producing a perfect dip for pairing with crunchy celery or smeared onto a beef burger, whose meaty flavor is enhanced by the creamy, pungent mayo.

Mature cheddar cheese would also blend well with mayonnaise, especially with the addition of a little heat from mustard and fresh chives. The incorporated spice and fresh herbs wonderfully lift the deep flavor of the mayo-cheese blend, making it a great topping for a bright salad. Mayonnaise can also be mixed with cheddar to produce a Southern-inspired pimento cheese dip that's gloriously seasoned with sweet pimentos, plump jalapeños, and warm cayenne pepper.

If you want to thicken garlic mayonnaise into the perfect dip, shredded mozzarella will suit this purpose. Its mild taste and creamy disposition add body to the dip without incorporating an overshadowing aroma (as would be the case with a strong-tasting cheese like blue).

Blended cheese and homemade mayonnaise are an incredible pairing — once you open this gastronomic portal, there's no looking back.

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