Bleach Babes: How Platinum Became 2016′s Coolest Hair Colour

Going platinum blonde is a statement. To paraphrase Coco Chanel, a woman who dyes her hair is about to change her life.

2016 has seen more and more of the world’s most beautiful women reaching for the bleach bottle. Towheaded women have really come into their own with the synthetic allure of white blonde hair.

Both timeless and completely of the moment, it’s still the dramatic, sexy, go-to look for celebs and models who want to score extra attention.

From Kristen Stewart’s punk, grungy home-dye to Jennifer Lawrence’s icy-dreamy perfection. There is a shade of bleached blonde out their for everyone.

However, knowing the shade of platinum that will suit you best, should be based on your skin tone. Bright look best on those who are of dark or olive skin tone, while a luminous touch of silver flatters fair-skinned girls.

Be bold and adventurous and use this slideshow of babes as inspiration and get ready to stock up on purple shampoo as you will want to go brighter.

Top tip: dramatic dye jobs are best left to the pros - be prepared for some seriously regular root touch-up sessions.

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