Blake Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds delivers impassioned plea following birth of fourth child

Ryan Reynolds has taken to Instagram once more since the birth of his and Blake Lively's fourth child to issue a passionate plea to their fans.

Writing in a post as well as on his Instagram story, the Deadpool star – who shares three daughters with Blake as the gender of his fourth child remains a secret – asked for fans to come along and support the Wrexham women's soccer team as they prepare to take on another match on Sunday.

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Ryan Reynolds stood in a soccer stand clapping and cheering
Ryan Reynolds stood in a soccer stand clapping and cheering

Ryan loves supporting his Welsh soccer team

The 46-year-old actor wrote: "Let’s fill the stands with the spirit of ‘78 and belt it out for these heroes," in reference to the amazing year the Wrexham's men's soccer team had in 1978, and which has become an inspirational year for fans ever since.

Both Ryan and his friend, Wrexham co-owner and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney have confirmed that they will be attending the game on March 26. Whether Ryan will be bringing any of his own family, such as his oldest daughter James like he has once before, remains to be seen.

The Canadian-American's plea to fans is especially important as he and the Always Sunny star are hoping to break the record for the most people in attendance at a women's game at the Wrexham Racecourse soccer ground. The stands have seen some very famous visitors recently, including King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla.

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Excitingly, according to Rob, ticket sales suggest they have already achieved their goal for this week's game, as the previous record stands at 5,000 people, and they have already sold over 7,000 tickets for Sunday.

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Nevertheless, Ryan is clearly dedicated to truly smashing the previous 5,000 mark, hence his message to his followers on Friday evening. "These women have been astonishing all season," the Free Guy star added.

"They’ve given their last drop of blood to the town and community all year," he penned, before therefore concluding: "See ya there."

Ryan shared this poster with his post

Fans were quick to respond to the actor's call for support, with a few commenting that they would be there at the Racecourse to support the Wrexham women and the Hollywood actors' campaign.

However, one fan shared their concern that after Ryan's recent sale of his company Mint Mobile, he might be thinking of selling Wrexham sometime too.

"You gonna sell the soccer team too?" this person said, concerned.

A pregnant Blake Lively posing with her husband Ryan Reynolds on a red carpet
A pregnant Blake Lively posing with her husband Ryan Reynolds on a red carpet

Ryan and Blake in 2022

However, another Wrexham fan was quick to leap to the actor's defense. "He will never sell his share in our club! He is Wrexham through and through!" they replied passionately.

Meanwhile, other fans of the actor added that while they'd love to be there, they were unfortunately too far away to make the trip.

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"Would you ever come to Slovakia or Abu Dhabi?" one person asked.

"I really love Wrexham… would you ever come to Greece please?" said another.

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