We go birth chart-reading with it-girl Alix Earle

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We go birth chart-reading with it-girl Alix EarleBrendan Wixted

Alix Earle is inescapable. When she’s not hitting up star-studded New Year’s Eve bashes or putting on her WAG hat and supporting her boyfriend Braxton Berrios in the stands of football stadiums, the Miami-based multi-hyphenate is pouring out personal anecdotes on her Alex Cooper–approved podcast, Hot Mess. As she tells stories on her terms, Alix lays everything from friendship breakups to boob job dos and don’ts on the table. So if you’ve ever searched for a crumb of something she hasn’t already shared about her incredibly public life, you’ve probably hit a dead end.

That’s where astrologer to the A-listers Aliza Kelly comes in. Alix sat down with Cosmo and Aliza for her first-ever birth chart reading, and if you pledge allegiance to astrology, then you know how cathartic (and revealing!) the experience can be. In case you’re unfamiliar with birth charts, it’s essentially a snapshot of the position of the planets on the exact day, time, and location you were born. While a reading reveals your sun, moon, and rising signs, it also dives into your star sign characteristics and underlying energy on specific days. In conclusion: It’s a shit ton of information about how you operate in your day-to-day life and relationships. You can also check your compatibility with your friends and romantic partners – which is exactly what Aliza did for Alix and her boyfriend by comparing their birth charts.

Unsurprisingly, Alix’s fame was literally destined by the planets’ alignment on her birthday. Through her chart, she discovered she has similar placements to other impactful celebs (more on that later). Oh yeah, and she dove into that livestream. You know, the one where Alix poured her heart out over a past relationship that brought her TikTok stardom into the mainstream – aka she went from being Internet Famous to Famous Famous, which brought us to this moment.

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Sam: Alix, before Aliza takes over and starts reading your chart, how invested are you in astrology?

Alix: I would say I’m very intrigued by astrology and I believe in it. I know my big three, but don’t know much about my big six. I’m interested to learn more, but I’m a newbie with it. I do blame things happening in my life on astrology or why I am the way I am.

Sam: Is there anything you have in sight that you’re interested in hearing about today, like something that you’re looking forward to in the year ahead?

Alix: I’m looking forward to continuing to grow the podcast community with Hot Mess and seeing where that goes. Then I want to start my own brand or my own business. I’m not exactly sure yet, but that’s my overarching goal for the future.

Sam: How are you feeling ahead of this? Have you ever had your birth chart read?

Alix: I haven’t. It’s so funny because a few months ago I talked with a friend who had hers read, and I was so intrigued by it like, “I need to do that.” I don’t really know what to expect though, but I’m excited.

graphic of sun, moon, rising signs
graphic of sun, moon, rising signs

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Aliza: Okay, let’s get into it. Here is your beautiful birth chart on December 16, 2000, at 3:33 a.m. What a delightful time for numerology purposes – we love it! Three is associated with communication, which is a big theme throughout your whole chart. Communication is one of your gifts, which also bodes very well for a podcast, right?

Your big three are little placements that have a lot of wisdom baked within them. The rising sign is based on your exact time of birth and shows you what your mission is in this lifetime. As a Scorpio rising, you’re someone who is really here to unpack things and to unearth truths. But you’re a Sagittarius sun, so you’re not necessarily leading with that – you’re into adventure, you want to travel and have fun. Connections are really important to you.

It’s really interesting to have this push and pull within your chart because there’s this harmonizing that goes on between your Sagittarian “How much do I reveal?” and Scorpian “How am I going to let my personality drive and be the guide of these greater goals that I have?” Does that make sense?

Alix: Yes. I would say I’m a little bit more shy, hesitant, and closed off when I’m first meeting someone. Then once I get to know them, I’m able to be fully myself. Does that correlate with my rising sign?

Aliza: Yeah, a Scorpio has to build trust. Once you get to know someone, you’re always going to be down for the experience. It’s really important for you to know who your friends are and who your enemies are. You have a really powerful way of gauging when someone is not being forthcoming and you also know how to play with that a little bit without having to compromise your integrity.

Alix: This is so cool to hear. I’ve always thought that I was pretty good at reading people and telling when they were a little fake or not.

Aliza: Cool, let’s put your moon in Virgo – which is about communication – into the equation. There’s a little bit of tension where you feel very deeply about things, but every now and then, you’re gaslighting yourself like, “But does it make sense?” Virgo is very meticulous and desperately wants to make smart decisions instead of impulsive ones. The one thing that I want to caution you with is perfectionism – the moon is reckless and it’s really not meant to be tamed. Part of you is scared of not being in control.

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a person wearing a necklace

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Alix: That’s something I’ve had to work on, especially being in the public eye. You’re open to a lot of different opinions and critiques. I’ve had to work on letting go of that, and understanding that not everyone is going to (1) agree with me and (2) like me.

Aliza: Speaking of the public eye, I want to talk about why it’s destined for you to be on this path that you’re on. You have a Leo midheaven, which represents your career and legacy. Leo is associated with performance, visibility, and theatricality. Being on camera is something that is baked into the way that people relate to you. You bringing them into your experience was the catalyst for how you unlocked that key component of what you’re meant to be doing.

The other thing in your chart that’s cool is that Venus – which represents beauty, values, and money – is right next to Neptune, which is associated with fame and the entertainment industry. I see this in a lot of celebrities’ charts because it has to do with how people are perceiving you.

Alix: That is so crazy.

Aliza: It’s really cool. Another person I’ll mention as an example is Kim Kardashian, who has this exact same Venus and Neptune conjunction. Another thing that you can do to have fun with your trajectory is to keep innovating and doing things differently. Your conjunction is in the sign of Aquarius, which is revolutionary and rebellious. It likes to spice things up and keep things weird. This idea of constantly transforming and going through a metamorphosis is really important for you.

Alix: I love that. I get very bored. I know change is scary for people, but I’m someone who craves a change and challenge. Even with where I live right now. I absolutely love it, but I just feel so comfortable. I want to almost be out of my comfort zone a little bit somewhere else. That’s the beauty of getting to travel around. A lot of the time, I’m able to see other places and then the second that I have a month where I’m in one place, I’m like, “Wow. Like how great would it be to move?” With these charts, are you able to go back in time at all?

Aliza: One of the things that I love about astrology is that it’s very much like time travel. We can look back at a date and see what was going on at a certain time.

Alix: Are we able to look up December 19, 2022?

Aliza: Not knowing at all what this signifies for you, the word that comes to mind is “contract” – something that is binding something or a big change around your fate and your destiny. The reason for this is the north and south nodes. The south node represents your past life and the north node represents where you’re going in this lifetime. They’re right on your ascendant, which is your rising sign.

Saturn – which represents rules and responsibilities – is in the area of your chart that’s associated with home, family, and where you come from. There was a shift in what your responsibilities were and what your perception of reality was based on external factors that were coming into your life at that time, potentially also relating to what home means and what your background is.

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a person sitting on a rock

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Alix: Oh my god, I’m freaking out.

Aliza: Can you share what this date represents for you?

Alix: This is a little crazy, but this was the day I flew home for the holidays and I had gone on a livestream on my TikTok. I started talking about my past relationship that I just got out of and started saying way too much. At this point, I didn’t really process that I had a million followers and how many people were listening to the things I said. I mean, that is kind of when it really took off. It was a huge drama in the social media world, and I feel like after that, it was just even more of my name everywhere, growing a following.

At the same time as that was happening, I felt so horrible and I was very scared. I was at home with my mom and I was just like, “I don’t understand this, being perceived by so many people.” It was such a new concept to me, and I was in such a weird mental place following that night. Essentially, I had created a bunch of talk and media pickup around me talking about this relationship so openly because I didn’t really realize the circumstances at the time.

Aliza: It’s interesting that you were at home when Saturn is in the area of your chart around home because it means your safe spaces are even more sacred. It really shifted how you interacted with the world, publicly and privately. Uranus, which is the planet that’s associated with shocking and unexpected things, was also right on this note of destiny at that time, too. So that impulse you had to say these things and not really know what the implications were casually just changed your life and your relationships.

Alix: That was the biggest lesson for me and I learned it very fast. As soon as I ended that livestream, I was like, “Oh, shit. What did I just do?” That’s crazy, and yeah, I was at home during that time. Wow.

Aliza: Do you want to pull up your boyfriend’s chart really quickly?

Alix: Yeah, he was born on October 6, 1995.

Aliza: Wow. Something that is really cute is that his Venus is at 25 degrees Libra. It’s exactly conjuncted with your Mars at 25 degrees Libra, so this is a very sexy dynamic here. He’s very attracted to you, you’re very attracted to him, but the attraction has a lot to do with the way that you strategize on things and come up with ideas. It’s not just a physical attraction – it’s also an attraction to your mind and the way that you take action on things.

Alix: He always says that!

Aliza: He means it. The biggest turn-on to him is the way that you are moving through the world and hustling, which is really important because there are also people who don’t appreciate that.

He’s inspiring you to broaden your horizons and look at things differently, both professionally and personally. Overall, the compatibility is really nice. As you’re perceiving him, there’s something that you feel like you can’t quite unpack, but with your Scorpio rising, you find that fun.

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a person in a dress

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Alix: I mean, I’m reading his birth chart.

Aliza: He’s very emotional and very intuitive and very psychic. This might have not been something that he was really encouraged about when he was growing up. Something that you guys can explore and work on together is creating a safe space for him to feel all of the range and intensity of the feelings that he has.

He’s also going through his Saturn Return soon, which is a pivotal time for him to figure out who he is. As his partner, the best thing that you can do is encourage the emotions that go with it. I think your compatibility is really beautiful and this is a very, very, very important relationship for right now as it relates to big transformations that are coming this year for both of you.

Sam: That feels like a very cute note to end on. How are you feeling, Alix?

Alix: I’m feeling good. I’m shocked by how accurate all the readings were, even down to when we looked at the specific date. I’ve been in my head a little bit recently, especially about work in the future and my career. Having that reassurance that I’m on the right path and doing what I was destined to do is really nice to hear.

Sam: What’s the first thing you’re going to tell someone after this reading?

Alix: I’m going to run to my roommate Kristin and try to recap everything that we just talked about. I think the craziest thing probably coming up in this year is contracts, just because last year was wild. It’s been a little scary with the new year coming up – thinking of how I’m gonna be able to keep up with that – because I feel like I just had such a spectacular year.

Sam: What have you taken away from all this?

Alix: This has been very eye-opening and motivational. I’m happy we did this at the start of the year because I’ve been planning out my goals going into the future. I’m really looking forward to what’s coming in my career, so this is very inspiring. I honestly needed this – I think it was also a therapy session for me.

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