Razor campaign praised for celebrating women's pubic hair

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
The swimwear brand highlighted models' body hair in the ad. [Photo: Instagram]

Hair removal ads usually show women perched perfectly on the side of a bath, running a razor over their hairless, smooth legs as a light jingle plays in the background.

But one razor company has decided to buck that trend, by releasing a new campaign featuring real women showing off their hairy legs, armpits and bikini lines. Finally!

While it may seem bizarre that a razor brand would promote hairiness, US company Billie are all about alleviating the pressure on women to look a certain way and the body-shaming that happens around unshaven lady parts.

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Taking to their Instagram page, Billie posted a video of their "Red, White, And You Do You” campaign, featuring women ‘enjoying the breeze’ down there.

“This summer, you do you. Let your hair down, maybe even out,” they wrote on the video caption, which features a range of women proudly showing off their body hair.

Last year, the brand launched Project Body Hair in ‘celebration of body hair and reinforced that shaving is a choice’.

And they plan to continue spreading that message, with the co-founder of Billie, Georgina Gooley, telling Bustle that they hope this ad reinforces that no woman should be ashamed of actually having hair on their body.

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"By showing unshaved bikini lines, we're acknowledging that this hair exists and hoping to remove the shame around it,” she said.

“Our hope is that women aren't judged for having or removing body hair. It's a personal choice that nobody should have to apologise for."

Women all over social media are applauding the brand for their move, with one person saying it’s refreshing to see a ‘real and uncensored’ ad.

“At first I was like, “oh!” Then I was like “okay, YES!” I love their message of acceptance, & that everyone should feel confident in what they choose to do with their body,” one commenter said.

“This means so much to me?? Like I don’t shave my legs or pits, but feel like I have to shave my bikini for summer time because that standard is so ingrained. Thanks for reminding me that I can choose whatever,” another person said.