Billie Lourd pays tribute to mum, Carrie Fisher with an incredible, one-of-a-kind manicure

billie lourd pays tribute to mum, carrie fisher with manicure
Billie's manicure tribute to Carrie Fisher is 🥲🥰Todd Williamson - Getty Images

Not only does the mercury retrograde Friday bank holiday weekend *aaaand breathe* have us feeling all the feels but so does Billie Lourd's latest manicure for its iconic and heart-warming tribute. The universe (and Galactic Republic) are really testing us, hey.

Now, if you didn't already know (which, I'm sure you do), Billie is the daughter of the late, great actor, Carrie Fisher. And just yesterday [4 May, 2023], on the informal commemorative day of Star Wars – aka, may the fourth (read: force) be with you – Billie, alongside her beloved costar, Mark Hamill took to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to unveil her mother's long-awaited star.

The actor herself, as well as the team behind her fashion and beauty tributes, took to Instagram to share photos of the day.

Nailsbydiem, as they are known on Instagram, was the artist behind Billie's mani and as shown in the below carousel, the celestial details pay tribute to her mother's legacy character, Princess Leia.

Makeup artist Jo Baker, hairstylist John.D and fashion stylist Jamie Mizrahi were also major players in the event, working together to produce the rest of Billie's incredible glam. Take a closer look at the "glamorous slinky tear drop gems" makeup look, as Jo calls it, below:

And can we also take a moment for the Rodarte dress?!

Family, friends and fans of both Billie and Carrie took to the comments section of the social media posts to share their love on this special day.

"Long over due! To the princess ❤️"

"your mom would be so proud of the amazing woman you’ve become"

"❤️❤️❤️ “Take your broken heart and make it into art.”😍"

"Who’s cutting onions?! 😭😭💕"

"You look fantastic! Love your dress and your nails. So happy that your mom FINALLY has a star. Way overdue!"

"There can be no better representative of your mother than you honoring her legacy, but it is very unfair that she could not see it. May the Force Be with You"

"She received a star because she is one ✨🤍"

"The dress & nails. So perfect 💕"

Just magical – memories to last a lifetime.

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