Bill Skarsgård Is Terrifyingly Shredded in 'The Crow' Trailer

bill skarsgard, the crow
Bill Skarsgård Is Shredded in 'The Crow' TrailerLionsgate

THE FIRST TRAILER for the remake of the cult horror film The Crow dropped recently, giving us our first real look at Bill Skarsgård in character as the titular avenging anti-hero.

Based on the hugely popular comic book by James O'Barr, The Crow follows Eric Draven (Skarsgård) on a bloodthirsty quest for revenge. When he and his fiancée Shelly (FKA Twigs) are murdered by career criminals, Eric is resurrected and made seemingly indestructible by the mysterious crow, and sets off on a mission to kill everyone involved.

Skarsgård looks suitably grizzled and blood-spattered in the trailer as he guns down bad guys and bounces back from swords and shotgun blasts to the chest. This first clip also shows off the transformation that Skarsgård underwent to play The Crow, with a lean, ripped physique covered in tattoos.

bill skarsgard, the crow

It's likely that he got shredded for the role around the same time that he was preparing for the upcoming action flick Boy Kills World, in which his sinewy frame and defined six-pack abs will also be on full display.

bill skarsgard, boy kills world

This is far from Skarsgård's first dramatic transformation for a screen role, of course: he scarred a whole new generation of horror fans as Pennywise in the most recent adaptations of Stephen King's doorstopper in It and It Chapter Two.

Becoming unrecognisable on the screen is kind of a family trait; his father, Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård, wore some pretty gnarly prosthetics while playing Bootstrap Bill in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and spent some serious time in costuming and makeup to play Baron Harkonnen in the current box office smash Dune: Part Two.

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