The biggest wedding trends for 2019

December is the most popular month to get engaged in the UK, according to wedding app Bridebook, which means that many brides and grooms-to-be are now embarking on the mammoth task of planning their big day.

We consulted a group of the UK's top wedding experts, including florists, dressmakers and party planners, as well as Pinterest data, on how to have an on-trend bash in 2019.

Glam it up in gold

All-out glamour is the order of the day for weddings in 2019, according to our experts, perhaps inspired by the recent royal weddings. And Pinterest reports that more brides are expected to really up the glam stakes, sashaying down the aisle in gold this year, with searches for wedding gowns in this colour up some 1,552 per cent.

Hamish Shephard, founder of wedding app Bridebook, says: "Black tie weddings are having a resurgence, also believed to be a knock-on effect from Harry and Meghan’s 007 moment heading to their evening party!"

Meanwhile wedding planner and 'party architect' Johnny Roxburgh adds: "In the days of austerity (and Brexit) people want to celebrate with glamorous and upbeat weddings. They must look not simple but lavish – without breaking the bank. Couples are turning to wedding planners that have their own décor and can hire it out very cost effectively, or venues that are already adorned with stunning details."

It's no longer in fashion to have 10 of your besties for bridesmaids...

Bridesmaids and page boys at Meghan and Harry's wedding (AFP/Getty Images)
Bridesmaids and page boys at Meghan and Harry's wedding (AFP/Getty Images)

These days it's much chicer to have just a maid of honour and some flower girls/page boys, à la royals.

"More brides are choosing to have a fleet of young bridesmaids (as Pippa, Meghan and Eugenie all did!) with one adult maid of honour," says Shephard. "This is in-part due to the average age of brides being older now, at 31, solving two problems; what to do with the children and how not to inflict one choice dress on your group of friends!"

This will be a welcome trend for many brides out there.

...And purple is the new colour du jour

You'll be seeing less pinks and more purples at weddings in 2019, according to Christina Millikin of Glow Events in San Francisco. She told Wedding Wire: "Blush has had its time in the wedding world for several years. Lavender and shades of purples are beginning to replace classic blush tones."

Spread the love with neon

Searches for neon wedding signs are up by 281 per cent, according to Pinterest.

Anna McGregor of Lamp Productions, who creates show-stopping events for some of the world’s most demanding bridal clients predicts bigger, more daring use of colour by couples in 2019.

"Couples will be bold and brave and use colour to express their love! Neon is a great way to do this - use it in printing, as a detail in your invitations and menu cards, add neon signs behind your bar – it’s fun and kind of sexy," she says, adding that pattern on pattern is another of her favourite trends for 2019. "Channel your inner Annabel’s and you’re there".

There will be personalised (rum) cocktails...

Food and drink is now the area where couples overspend most, according to Bridebook, which puts the average spend at £5,862, up from £4,727 in 2017, and this year it's all about "hyper-personalisation" of every last detail, especially the menus, according to Shepard.

"For my wedding we had personalised cocktails, with 'Rosie's Rum Punch' and 'Hamish’s Hanky Panky' being served. Rumour has it 'the Meghan-tini' was the cocktail of choice at Harry and Meghan’s wedding," he says.

Specifically, couples should be prepared to bid farewell to gin and say hello to rum, according to Roxburgh, who says: "rum is incredible in the summer and I can see rum carts being a big fixture at the 2019 wedding."

... And midnight feasting on old favourites

Couples are expected to pick old-time favourites, such as burgers, fish & chips and pizza, for the midnight feast over a traditional buffet.

"Even 'Midnight Feasts' for hungry guests are diversifying, with the bride's favourite pizza or the groom's slider of choice appearing on the dance floor," says Shephard. "We chose mini-mac and cheeses served at midnight to hark back to when my wife and I lived in New York. Venues are also responding to this trend with a 23 per cent increase in venues allowing external caterers in the past 3 years alone."

And why not personalise your sweet course, too? According to Pinterest, searches for edible colourful doughnut decor are up 748 per cent for parties in general.

Pack a punch with bold flower arrangements

Expect to see coral flower arrangements, grasses and palms (Lavender Green Flowers)
Expect to see coral flower arrangements, grasses and palms (Lavender Green Flowers)

The team at Lavender Green Flowers, who count Pippa Middleton and Sophie Wessex among their bridal clients, says that you should expect to see brides with smaller bouquets in 2019: "Bigger bouquets can hide the brides smallest part, which is her waist, and they can be too overpowering."

Colourwise, while classic whites and greens aren't going anywhere, bright flower arrangements are expected to be popular among more daring couples in 2019.

"From playful, clown-like colours to exiting and out of the box, brides are looking for something different! Colours to watch out for are peach, coral, lime, turquoise blue and brown," they said. "With outdoor weddings on the up, tall grasses and palms will be popular. We are definitely seeing a slow move away from rusty shabby chic foliage in favour of a more linear look in both bouquets and floral installations around the venue."

Caroline Grimble, Bloom & Wild’s lead florist agrees: "Coral will stay big in the floral world with Pantone choosing it as 2019’s Colour of the Year."

"Foliage and grasses... and lots of them!" she adds. "They add beautiful texture and movement to an arrangement and are set to be big for 2019 displays."

Dried flowers, too, will make an appearance. "[T]his trend is only getting bigger," Grimble went on. "So expect to see lots of seed heads and dried lavender, which make arrangements last such a long time."

And finally... give your guests the drama they came for

These days if you really want to stun your guests you'll need to lay on more than a few nice cocktails and canapes, according to our experts. You'll need a touch of drama, too.

Pinterest says that searches for smoke bomb photography, as seen in the photo above, have surged by some 436 per cent. Meanwhile Serena Foyle, Pyromusical producer and founder of Foyle Fireworks, says wedding fireworks are only going to get bigger and better this year.

"There’s going to be a focus on multi-effect fireworks with colour changes within them for more drama and surprise," she says. "Exciting effects will include the stars of fireworks bursting as one colour before changing and possibly changing again for a stunning surprise in the sky. We’ll also see an injection of even more vivid colours coming to the fore to create further intensity."

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