The biggest utility room trends of 2023

utility room trends 2023
The biggest utility room trends of 2023Garden Trading, Armac Martin

Often the most practical space in the home, utility rooms are a high-traffic solution for washing machines and cleaning supplies, and the best room to dry clothes. This means that utility room space is at a premium and every inch has to be maximised.

Overhauling your utility room will be a big trend in 2023, with a growing number of homeowners desiring spaces that are highly functional and cleverly organised. The year ahead will call for space-saving solutions, functional accessories and dog-friendly upgrades.

"Busy lifestyles can be challenging," says Tom Howley, owner of the eponymous kitchen company. "Work, leisure, and family life have never been more demanding meaning any help we can get to make things easier can come as a welcome relief. The so-called engine room of the home is deserving of its name. A well designed utility room can include a washing machine, tumble dryer, sink, a place to store clothes maidens, the ironing board and iron, extra storage for shoes and even additional pantry space."

Below, we look at the top 10 utility room trends appearing across social media, as well as some tips on how to improve your utility room with minimal fuss.

Top 10 utility room trends according to Instagram:

  1. Hanging plants

  2. Storage baskets/boxes

  3. Dog showers

  4. Ceiling drying rack

  5. Clothes rail above worktops

  6. Splashback tiles

  7. Clothes basket

  8. Overhead lighting

  9. Overhead storage

  10. Wall pegs

“Having an organised utility room is a great way to make a sometimes forgotten room into a functional and fully utilised space,” says Lizzie Beasley, Head of Design at Magnet. “There are many great and effective ways to organise your utility room that cost little but are perfect for organising all your household essentials.”

Here's how to make the most out of your utility room:

Try out sustainable options

The rise in availability of refillable household essentials (such as laundry powder and soap), as well as a growing number of refill shops, means that you can stock your utility room with all your household essentials whilst avoiding wasteful or unnecessary packaging.

Invest in plenty of sustainable glass and bamboo jars, which not only make products easy to access but are also simple to refill. Opt for open shelving and make your collection of jars a deliberate visual feature of your utility room.

country living whitstable kitchen
Country Living Whitstable Kitchen, HomebaseHomebase

Remember to store laundry and cleaning products far out of reach of children and to lock away dangerous chemicals such as bleach.

Stacked appliances are key to saving space

Utility rooms are often compact spaces (if not, lucky you), meaning every inch needs to be utilised to optimal effect. A popular space saver is stacking your washing machine and tumble dryer vertically.

For an extra helpful touch, incorporate a pull-out shelf into the space between your appliances so you can fold your clothing as soon as it comes out of the dryer. You can even add a pull-out or fold-down ironing board for maximum productivity. Plus, extra surface space is always handy.

Two sinks are better than one

Hand washing clothes is never fun, but it’s sometimes unavoidable. The same goes for soaking stains and scrubbing out marks. A split sink, or better yet, two sinks, means you’re not limited by what one half is being used for. On one side, you can be brightening your whites, and on the other, bathing your houseplants.

Multiple sink options also mean you can prioritise hygiene and dedicate one to hand-washing and the other to dirtier tasks – especially handy if you have pets!

Opt for built-in cabinets

Built-in cabinetry is a great choice for making the most out of the space of your utility room, especially if it’s on the smaller side. You can hide unsightly items away in cabinets, keep cleaning products out of the reach of children, and store food away from pets.

As long as you’re organised, you won’t have trouble finding anything either. Drawer organisers, labels and storage containers are key to creating an organised and highly-functional utility room.

country living whitstable kitchen range
Country Living Whitstable Kitchen Range, HomebaseHomebase

Built-in cabinets can also be custom designed to suit the needs of you and your family best - making everyday tasks quicker and easier.

"Keep in mind what is important to you and your family when designing your new utility room," says Lizzie. "What everyday tasks can be made easier by incorporating specific features? Think how the space can be best utilised to fit your everyday needs.”

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