The Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Cooking With Wine, According To Katie Lee - Exclusive

Katie Lee Biegel holding glass of wine
Katie Lee Biegel holding glass of wine - Chance Yeh/Getty Images

Whether you're cooking vegetables or meat, adding wine can help to make your food extra succulent and impart incredible flavor. Both dry white and red wines can amp up the savory or sweet side of a dish, depending on what taste you're going for. However, best-selling cookbook author and food personality, Katie Lee Biegel, told us in an exclusive interview that there are a few mistakes you'll want to avoid when cooking with it.

While promoting her line of completely organic wine, Kind of Wild, she explained that it's important to mix it in at the right time and choose a variety that you actually enjoy drinking. "That doesn't necessarily mean something that's expensive, but something that tastes good because it's just like any other ingredient in your cooking," said Biegel. "You want to use something that is high quality and adding the alcohol at the right time, along with cooking at the right amount."

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Her Favorite Dishes To Use Wine In

Katie Lee Biegel cooking
Katie Lee Biegel cooking - Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

When it comes to one of Biegel's go-to meals that features alcohol, she likes to whip up her scallops with a brown and white wine sauce. "The Kitchen" co-host revealed that it's quick, easy, and delicious. She explained it's also important when making a dish like this to let it simmer, "If you're making a sauce, you want to put it in and give it enough time to burn off the alcohol flavor and to get into the taste of the wine."

To make this specific recipe, after the scallops have been fully cooked in olive oil and butter, put them on a separate plate. Then add a splash of chardonnay and lemon to the brown butter and stir the sauce until it reduces by half. The last thing to do is pour this flavorful wine-infused topping over your seafood fare and enjoy.

However, if red wine is friendlier to your tastebuds, Biegel suggests adding your favorite dry variety to mushroom Bolognese. For this recipe ½ cup of alcohol is used in the sauce and it's reduced for 30 minutes. She said the outcome is rich and hearty which is perfect "if you're wanting something this time of year that feels very warming."

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