These are the biggest fabric trends for 2024

sofa, cushions and blinds in sage colours
The biggest fabric trends for 2024Prestigious Textiles

The new year is almost upon us, and there are so many gorgeous craft projects in beautiful fabrics to give your home a lift to celebrate the start of 2024.

Of course, we all want to decorate our homes with the most on-trend fabrics – and to use them in our craft projects this season.

Well, look no further – Prestigious Textiles have rounded up the biggest fabric trends of this autumn, that you'll want to incorporate into your sewing projects for your living room, kitchen and bedroom decor and are guaranteed to give your space a gorgeous lift.

You could these on-trend textiles to make your own cushions or curtains using our tutorials. Making your own is a great way to save money on giving your interiors an update.

Next year, expect fabric trends for every home style. From folklore and embroidery to micro-luxury, there's something for every room and look.

Marie Goodwin, the head designer at Prestigious Textiles, expects that rich colours and geometric details will be a big focus of our fabrics and home styling this autumn.

She says: "Folklore and micro-luxury are emerging as the micro trends set to influence prints and fabrics for 2024, with the spotlight on intricate pattern work and opulent textures.

"In terms of colour, earthy shades of brown and neutrals will be a popular choice for interiors with small geometrics used for subtle metallic highlights.

"The spotlight will also be on embroidered pieces next year, as people look to add unique and personal touches to their spaces.”

So here are the four biggest fabric trends that Marie says you'll be seeing everywhere next year – and how to weave them into the decor in your own home.

Feel at home with folklore

chaise longue in the folklore autumn fabric trend
Prestigious Textiles

Marie predicts we'll see a return to the folklore trend for 2024, to create relaxed and cosy spaces in our homes.

She says: "Painterly woodland scenes will be popular for cosy living and bedroom room settings, as well as in delicate embroidery which will be seen on wall hangings and textile accessories.

"The folklore trend is all about leaning into nature and using it to create a sense of playfulness and comfort in a space.

"When committing to this look, more is more when it comes to pattern so opt for varying designs in complementing colourways that you can layer with upholstery and soft furnishings.”

Embrace earthy shades

earthy tones sofa in living room
Prestigious Textiles

Darker shades are often popular during the winter, but Marie thinks we'll continue to see them in 2024, too.

She explains: "Expect to see lots of brown and neutrals again next year when it comes to interior design.

"These comforting hues are becoming integral to home design as homeowners seek calming environments and relaxed room schemes that make a space more inviting.”

Live in luxury

armchair and coffee table in autumn fabric trends
Prestigious Textiles

Opulent and luxurious details have been a huge interiors trend this autumn, which according to Marie is set to stay into 2024.

She says: “This trend is all about creating an aura of opulence with subtle touches, from rich hues to satin textiles and golden accents.

"It shows the importance of how small, well thought-out quality furnishings can dramatically change a room to make it feel more expensive, without lavishness.

"Micro-luxury can be utilised within any room of the home, but is best suited to the lounge or bedroom, where comfort and indulgence is most desired.”

Intricate embroidery

embroidered cushions in sage colours
Prestigious Textiles

Marie predicts there will be a spotlight on embroidery in 2024, with a focus on intricate details on furniture.

She says: "When paying attention to the details, embroidery is a great way to add personal touches and uniqueness to a space.

"Whether you’re attracted to detailed florals depicted through elegant needle work or more classical herringbone and cross hatch finishes, 2024 will be the year to add personality to homes with tactile fabrics and intricate designs at the forefront of interiors."

Go for the geometric

sofa and side table in a geometric print fabric
Prestigious Textiles

If you're looking to make a statement with a printed fabric next year, then a geometric design is the perfect way to stay on trend.

Marie says: "These small repeating geometric patterns take inspiration from 70s interiors and are a welcome contrast to the feminine woodland embroidery we’re seeing in textiles.

"Select fabrics with multi-dimensional and multi-tonal finishes to add interest to your space.

"We expect to see a growing interest in woven textiles that use tactile materials like boucle and space-dyed yarns to add texture and colour."

And if you're planning even more craft projects for your home, these are the biggest fabric trends from 2023 to reflect in your projects for next year.

Opt for orange

table dressed with orange accents to fit autumn fabric trends
Prestigious Textiles

As we head towards the colder months, embrace the rich tones of orange and red in your interiors, as an update on the paler terracotta shades popular over the summer.

Marie says: "An updated take on the terracotta trend we’ve seen over the summer, deep orange will be brought into interiors in the coming months to add warmth to homes.

"For a striking palette, pair with other trending colours that will offset the orange such as royal blue. Other subtle colour combinations could include brown, olive or cream."

Break into 'bloomcore'

summer fabric trends
Prestigious Textiles

Marie says that the bloomcore trend – set to be huge across our interiors this summer – is about taking inspiration from the English wildflower garden and bringing the natural world into our homes.

She says: "Think trailing floral prints, delicate embroidery and detailed lacework.

"When tapping into ‘Bloomcore’, imagine you’re designing a room that could easily be part of a quaint country cottage so be sure to compliment your florals with other patterns like a classic gingham print to curate a cohesive whole-room scheme.”

Rise of boho chic

summer fabric trends
Prestigious Textiles

Relaxed bohemian styling is set to be huge this summer, with lighter fabrics like linen and neutral colours perfect for hotter days.

Marie advises: "To add extra depth and interest to a bright and open bohemian space, layer varying textures when it comes to soft furnishings like pillows or throws."

Bask in blue

summer fabric trends
Prestigious Textiles

According to Marie, blue is having a huge moment in fabric trends at the moment, and adding blue touches is a great way to create a tranquil space to relax in this summer.

Marie says: "Blue is also a cool colour making it a practical fabric choice to make homes more comfortable over the coming months.

"Green can also be paired well with it as both sit closely to one another on the colour wheel, allowing them to collaborate effortlessly to encapsulate the serenity of nature.”

Stick with the stripe hype

We've seen stripes across fabric trends this year to create a feeling of country chic in your home – think upholstered headboards and feature chairs.

Marie advises: "To make a statement, use stripes as a high contrast design element by incorporating striking colourways.

"Alternatively, they can be used for smaller accents such as cushions and accessories for a more subtle injection of the rising stripe trend."

Maximalism in prints

bold prints will be an important 2023 fabric trend
Bold prints are going to be a huge fabric trend this yearPrestigious Textiles

According to Marie, contemporary maximalism is a trend we'll be seeing a lot of in 2023. Put simply, this means we can expect bold architectural shapes and bright floral prints to be taking over the interiors space. Bringing the spring flowers indoors has never been more on trend.

This year, it's time to embrace an exciting range of multi-coloured fabrics and plenty of different textures.

Marie says: "Jewel hues will bring to life these bold modern prints that have developed from the tropical green patterns that were popular in 2020.

"These will feature on velvets and linens, adding versatility depending on where you use them in your home to make a statement."

Contemporary country living

cottagecore gets an update with bright florals as a 2023 fabric trend
Expect the creams of cottagecore to be updated with brighter floral patternsPrestigious Textiles

Cottagecore was one of the breakout trends of 2022 – an interiors look inspired by rural life. In 2023, expect the trend to be updated, with the greens and creams of last year being joined by beautiful and delicate floral prints – the perfect way to bring a bit of the great outdoors into your home as the days get lighter.

As Marie says: "Statement prints with trailing small-scale florals effortlessly capture the beauty of nature and will be used on blinds, throws and upholstery to update English country interiors.

"These will pair well with the rich colour blocking that’s popular right now too."

Heritage checks

the check trend will be updated with sage and aubergine tones as an on trend fabric look in 2023
Prestigious Textiles

Checks were huge in homeware last year, and according to Prestigious Textiles, the trend is likely to continue this year, with checks appearing on accessories like cushions, napkins and candles.

Marie explains: "As we settle into 2023, the timeless design will get an upgrade to feature a more heritage look with sage greens, aubergine and browns on woven check and stripe designs.

"This presents more versatility when used in upholstery and depth when layering items."

Rich boutique designs

jewel colour and texture fabrics are a huge homeware trend for 2023
Layer rich textures and colours on top of each other for a really decadent finishPrestigious textiles

Bring the luxury of a hotel to your own home with the boutique designs trend this year – building on the navy and emerald green colour trend of 2022.

As Marie says: "Expect to see rich jewelled colours like zesty blues and warming oranges, paired with textured boucle, jacquards and velvets.

"If you’re updating a plain room with texture and colour, start slowly, I’d recommend upholstering an armchair or footstool first in a rich jewelled print or boucle fabric, and then gradually build it from there."

We think upcycling a chair is the perfect craft project to add to your spring cleaning!

We can't wait get to making with these fabric styles. Check out our sewing section for more inspiration on what you can make.

Do you love crafting? Share your creations with us by tagging @primamag in your pictures on Instagram!

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