Big Changes Are Coming To Domino's In 2024

Stack of Domino's pizza boxes
Stack of Domino's pizza boxes - Bloomberg / Getty Images

Domino's has been a major player in the pizza game since the 1960s, and perhaps one of the reasons Domino's is so successful is its innovative attitude toward delivery strategies. The brand isn't lying down complacently in its prosperity, either. On December 7, 2023, it announced a series of technological and marketing changes for 2024 at its annual investor day, as described in a report from National Restaurant News (NRN). This isn't unusual, as several popular fast food chains are introducing big changes this year, but Domino's' focus on tech is certainly a stand-out element.

The central factor of the pizza company's tech overhaul is its introduction of Dom.OS, a proprietary operating system that will form the groundwork of an overhauled website and app. Another tentpole development is the testing phase of an A.I. assistant that will reportedly greatly improve the pizza-ordering process. That said, there will also be some changes in marketing strategy that will see both Domino's rewards system and its menu receiving some upgrades.

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Domino's Is Releasing Its Own Internal Operating System

Domino's bikes outside restaurant
Domino's bikes outside restaurant - Ray Orton / Getty Images

Speaking at the investor day, Domino's Chief Technology Officer Kelly Garcia described Dom.OS as a "series of smart tools" (via NRN). Together, these tools will comprehensively manage every aspect of a customer's order, starting when it's placed and sticking around until the food heads out for delivery. The tools will take care of both internal and external stakeholders, "keeping one eye on the customer, and one eye on the store operations," as Garcia explained.

This two-pronged approach — looking after both the staff and the consumer throughout the ordering, cooking, and delivery process — will hopefully increase efficiency and result in an improved experience for both parties. Given employees' accounts of what it's really like to work at Domino's, particularly the emphasis on multitasking as a dominating factor in a shift, it's likely that many will be anxiously awaiting this newfound efficiency and may appreciate the prospective helping hand.

A New Domino's Website And App Are Coming In 2024

Domino's storefront
Domino's storefront - Noderog / Getty Images

Domino's tech changes aren't limited to internal tools, as customers will be seeing a new website for the chain by the final quarter of 2024. The desktop site, as well as the Domino's app, will be receiving a full overhaul said to include a more modern look, improved navigation, and optimization for both the delivery and carryout experiences. Based on Garcia's presentation at Domino's investor day, features will gradually roll out over the course of the year (via NRN).

This isn't the first time Domino's has overhauled its app. In fact, it's not even the first time it has done so recently. Back in June 2021, a press release showcased several changes to Domino's app with a focus on personalization. These changes introduced dark and light modes, shortcuts for favorite items, personalized welcomes, and the ability to name your own customized pizza. Personalization is certainly a through point in Domino's' innovations, so it's reasonable to surmise that the 2024 app updates will also focus on this aspect.

Domino's Is Launching A Personal Assistant Using Generative A.I.

Domino's employee boxing pizza
Domino's employee boxing pizza - Bloomberg / Getty Images

As first announced in an October 2023 report from NRN, the culmination of Domino's' tech improvements is its partnership with Microsoft, which will see the creation of an in-house A.I. assistant that uses Azure A.I. technology to both automate back-of-house tasks and create a bespoke experience for customers. Through their partnership, Domino's and Microsoft will establish a so-called Innovation Lab, where engineers from both companies will collaborate on the development of new software for use in Domino's restaurants and back offices. The idea is to use predictive tools to assist with prep and quality-control measures, as well as managing inventory and scheduling, which will greatly assist staff if implemented successfully.

From a customer perspective, perhaps the most intriguing product coming from this collaboration will be the personal pizza ordering assistant, which will be heading into beta in 2024. The tool will help walk customers through the ordering process, generating a custom image of their food so they can visualize exactly what they'll be receiving.

Domino's 'Hungry For More' Strategy Will Bring A Marketing Switch-Up

Domino's parachute in sky
Domino's parachute in sky - Robertsgalleries / Getty Images

Domino's' strategy for the year ahead isn't just limited to tech. Per NRN's December report, the brand also announced some new marketing initiatives — known as the "hungry for more" strategy — which will introduce updates to its menu and rewards program, as well as the opening of new stores with updated equipment.

Based on the investor day presentation, the plan for the rewards program is to decrease the minimum spending requirement in the hopes of bringing back deactivated rewards members, as well as creating more opportunities to gain rewards. As far as its menu is concerned, Domino's is aiming to add at least two new items each year, increasing variety for customers.

Along with new menu items, the chain wants to add more brick-and-mortar to its portfolio — it has set a goal to reach 5,500 total locations in the next five years. These locations will boast new ovens, which are first being installed in new and corporate locations before they'll appear in established stores.

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