Beyond Paradise: is season 2 happening? Get the details

Although Death in Paradise has been a constant hit with fans since premiering back in 2011, with seasons 13 and 14 also commissioned, will it's spin-off receive the same treatment?

Beyond Paradise, starring Kris Marshall in his role as DI Humphrey Goodman, recently debuted on BBC, and fans appear to be loving the Devon-based drama.

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Although the show hasn't been commissioned for a second season just yet, the show's creator Tony Jordan revealed that they have already started writing it. Chatting during a Q&A, he said: "I hope so, I've started writing it! Ever the optimist, I'm not even waiting to be commissioned. We’ve got loads of stories that didn't make the cut for season 1, loads of great areas.


Kris and Sally on Beyond Paradise

"But the main reason for doing it is that Tim [Key, executive producer] has got this long held ambition, that I only discovered last week, about filming on a steam train - not that he’s a nerd or anything! So I can tell you if there's a season 2, it’ll definitely be on a steam train."



Discussing the new series, one person wrote: " Love this so much! Humphrey and beautiful scenery. What more could you want," while another person added: "OMG #BeyondParadise is hilarious. Love, love love the cast & wish it was on every single night already."

A third person added: "Beyond Paradise was great, so different yet so familiar. I love Margo, she is just so deadpan funny. Also love the way they figure out who did the crime by imagining themselves there watching it all unfold. Brilliant! I can't wait for next Friday."

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Speaking about the show, Kris told HELLO!: "With Death in Paradise, the clue is in the title. We do have death in Beyond Paradise but we don't have murders because it needed to be a completely new show, otherwise it would be really lazy to just do a show where you plonk it in Devon and Cornwall.

"It wouldn't work really, because a huge amount of the attraction of Death in Paradise is its setting."

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