Beyond Paradise airs heartbreaking Humphrey and Martha scene

Beyond Paradise spoilers follow.

Beyond Paradise aired a heartbreaking twist in Humphrey (Kris Marshall) and Martha's (Sally Bretton) relationship, ahead of the Inspector's surprise return to Saint Marie next week.

Tonight's (31 March) episode saw a horrified Humphrey learn about Archie's (Jamie Bamber) attempt to kiss his fiancée. However, the revelation led Martha to realise Humphrey wasn't being honest with his feelings, with devastating consequences for the couple.

Martha's mother Anne questioned her about what she'd witnessed earlier. Martha insisted there was nothing going on with her former fiancé. But Anne was quick to point out that she wasn't being completely honest with Humphrey by hiding what had happened.

Anne then asked how Humphrey was feeling about her U-turn on wanting children, with Martha sharing her frustration at his reluctance to open up.

"That's the problem — I'm not sure he's being completely honest," she said. But could she also be talking about her own feelings?

However, Martha couldn't keep the situation a secret for long after Archie's wine business was targeted in a trio of arson attacks. Quizzed by Humphrey about any potential involvement in the fire, Archie painfully misread the situation, revealing his actions to a horrified Humphrey.

The chain of events didn't stop there either, as Martha and Humphrey did some serious self-reflection regarding their feelings. The Inspector finally admitted he wasn't ready to give up on having children, after seeing the lengths parents will go to protect their children.

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It turned out that firefighter Cleo Davenport was behind the last two fires. But she had only acted to protect her daughter Dani, who had been assaulted by a local farmer and had burned his barn in revenge.

"We all have versions of the truth, stories we tell to protect the ones we love," Cleo told Humphrey.

Cleo's words were enough for Humphrey, and he was finally able to tell Martha the truth about wanting children. However, his confession meant that Martha could no longer see a future for their relationship if they wanted different things.

"How can I believe that you're happy, that you won't come to resent me?" Martha asked before removing her ring and leaving the boat.

Is this really the end for the pair?

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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