Beyoncé posts rare family photo with twins Rumi and Sir

Beyoncé posts rare family photo with twins Rumi and Sir

Just when we thought Beyoncé's Instagram couldn't get any more perfect, the singer has gone and surprised us all by posting a super rare photo with her twins, Rumi and Sir.

It's unusual for us to see Rumi and Sir, age five, on social media with Beyoncé and Jay-Z normally opting to keep their lives a little more private. Now, the couple have offered up a glimpse into Carter family life, posing for a pic alongside the twins plus daughter Blue Ivy. So sweet!

Cast your mind back to February 2017 and you'll remember Beyoncé breaking the internet with her showstopping pregnancy announcement and photoshoot. Then, in June 2017, twins Rumi and Sir arrived. Fast-forward five years and they look so grown up!

While sister Blue Ivy, 10, has appeared in Jay-Z's music videos, the Carters have kept the twins a little more private, likely due to their age. Still, we've seen a handful of snaps over the years, including in Beyoncé's 2020 round-up video, and later in a 2021 'photo dump'.

Now, we've got a full on Carter family photoshoot - featuring two whole Beyoncés, no less. The picture sees the family dressing up as Disney+'s 00s cartoon The Proud Family for Halloween. Beyoncé opted to play both mum and grandma, with Jay-Z, Rumi, Sir and Blue Ivy all getting into character too.

Plus, how grown up do five-year-old Rumi and Sir look now? And Blue Ivy too! Take a look at the sweet snap here:

Beyoncé added the caption, "Family every single day and night," and it's so lovely to see the five Carters all together.

Followers were of course big fans of the post, with one commenting, "THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!" while another added, "OMG THEY FINALLY DID IT I CANTT😭"

We love it!

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