Beyoncé fan reveals she wore wedding dress to concert to celebrate first year of marriage

Beyoncé fan reveals she wore wedding dress to concert to celebrate first year of marriage

A woman has revealed that she wore her wedding dress to Beyoncé’s show, in honour of her first year of marriage.

In a recent video on her TikTok, YouTuber Aja Dang showcased the looks that she and her husband, Brian Puspos, wore to the show, which took place on 4 September at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The footage started off with Dang wearing a graphic tee featuring Beyoncé’s face on it, before the video transitioned to her more glamorous concert look: A wedding dress.

Dang also showed the changes she made to the white strapless dress, as she stitched multiple pearl necklaces, silver brooches, and white jewels to it. For accessories, she wore pearl bracelets, lace white gloves, a silver necklace, and a thin, white, veil-style scarf.

Meanwhile, the influencer’s husband opted for a black jacket and dress pants, paired with silver jeweled sunglasses and necklaces.

Dang took to the caption to address how the date of the concert inspired her outfit. “When you get married on Beyonce’s birthday, you wear your wedding attire to her birthday party,” she wrote.

The TikTok video has quickly gone viral, as it has amassed more than 880,000 views. In the comments, many fans said they were impressed by how Dang styled her dress for the concert.

“Ms girl I didn’t know what you were gonna do with your wedding dress but you DID THAT THING,” one wrote, while another added: “Omg the wedding dress idea came out sooo good.”

A third wrote: “10, 10, 10 across the board.”

Dang’s appearance at the Beyoncé concert also comes a year after she and her partner, who’s a world renowned choreographer, went viral for their dance during their wedding reception. In the TikTok video, which has more than 28m views, the pair did an entrance dance to Beyoncé’s hit song, “Cuff It”

During an interview with People, Dang explained why wearing her wedding dress to the Los Angeles concert was “the right decision,” especially given the date that the show took place.

“For us as a couple specifically, 4 September means a lot,” she said. “ Not only is it Beyoncé’s birthday but it was our first wedding anniversary and we also went viral for our Beyoncé wedding dance, so I just thought it was a full-circle opportunity for me to finally rewear my wedding dress for the first time since my wedding.”

She also spoke candidly about how she tested different ways to style the dress leading up to the concert. While she said she “was freaking out” because she didn’t know how to style the dress at first, and “didn’t want to completely ruin” the gown, her perspective changed when she found an idea on Pinterest.

“I don’t even know who it was from or where the pin was from but it was only the bodice and it was draped in pearls and these brooches and that’s exactly what my friends and I tried to do with the dress,” she said.

Dang also confessed that, in the midst of creating her outfit, she forgot to tell her husband about her plans to re-wear her wedding dress. However, according to the influencer, he wasn’t too concerned, as his main focus was to pick an outfit that paired well with his wife’s look.

“I think he was more concerned about how he was going to stand up to my wedding dress,” she says. “We decided to just have him wear his wedding suit but we removed the shirt and had him bedazzle it a little and he ended up looking great.”

Although there’s been some changes made to her white dress after wearing it to the wedding and the Beyoncé concert, Dang added that she’s open to wearing the oufit again.

“Wedding dresses are such a huge expense and if you can find a way to rewear them, you definitely should,” she explained. “I plan to rewear my wedding dress again. Somehow, I don’t think this will be my last time.

The Independent has contacted Dang for comment.

Along with Dang, other fans have opted for glamorous looks when attending Beyoncé’s concerts. On her website earlier this month, the singer released a memo to fans who were attending her shows from 23 August through 22 September, and encouraged them to show up in silver clothes in honour of her birthday on 4 September.

Famous faces went on to follow this wish when attending the singer’s birthday show, including Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, who was seen watching the concert with Beyonce’s former Destiny’s Child band member Kelly Rowland, and Kerry Washington.

For the occasion, Meghan wore a high-neck black top with a metallic silver skirt, while Rowland opted for a black corset style top, along with a silver choker necklace and silver face jewels. Washington chose a silver and black sequined top amd accessorised with a silver purse.