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'Better than Rogaine': This $20 hair oil helps get rid of flakes and stimulate growth, shoppers say

When it comes to hair care, we love a multitasker. Case in point: Life & Pursuits Bhringraj Hair Oil is like three products in one. Thanks to its nourishing Ayurvedic blend of cold-pressed organic oils, it's designed to work triple duty as a growth stimulator, moisturizer and flake fighter. Get it from Amazon for just $20.

Looking for a natural hair-growth helper? This one has plenty of fans.

$20 at Amazon

If you've been fighting a losing battle with thinning strands, this might be the product for you, devotees say. It combines organic oils with Ayurvedic herbs to promote shine, keep flakes away, treat inflamed scalps and most of all, protect against thinning hair. But does it work? "I am vain about my hair," this shopper revealed. "I compared photos prior to using it. My hair is fuller, shinier, and thicker. Great investment."

For best results, the brand recommends applying the oil to your scalp and hair, and then gently massaging it in with your fingers from your roots to the ends. Once it's applied, leave it on for at least two hours — or you can leave it overnight. When you're ready to rinse, use your regular shampoo. Repeat the process two to three times a week for three to four months.

three bottles of the hair oil on a blue background
This hair oil works to strengthen your strands and scalp while it fights flakes and itchiness. (Amazon)

"I can't believe it. This thing works," wrote another Amazon shopper who provided photos. "This is better than Rogaine and Olaplex. This made new baby hairs on my head. My hair is soft and growing back."

Multiple reviewers shared success stories of new hair growth in a matter of weeks. "I've been using this product for two weeks now," said a five-star reviewer. "I am already seeing significant improvement in my hair growth and seeing hair follicles."

Users with dandruff are raving about it too. "I used to have chronic flaky scalp and dandruff for a period of time and had to use dandruff shampoos to get rid of the flakes, but they would always come back," explained one user. "Once I started using this hair growth oil, though, the flakes and dandruff disappeared and have not come back since!"

Some shoppers say the scent isn't for everyone. "[Reviewers] have complained about the smell," revealed one. "But I really like it. It's earthy and pleasant. I have long curly hair and for some reason, friends and strangers smell my hair often and vocalize their compliments about the scent."

"Over the past three weeks, my hair is looking much more full, and it's so soft and shiny again, as it was in my youth," a final fan said. "I'm excited to see how much better my hair will look over the next several months. ... It's not the best fragrance (not horrible, just not my favorite), but for the good it does my hair, it's totally worth it."

This hair oil is simple to use: Just massage it onto your scalp and let it sit overnight. You can also leave it in for a few hours before washing it out.

$20 at Amazon

Snag this inexpensive scalp massager to further promote hair growth and exfoliate the scalp.

Reviewers say this little gizmo helps with everything from oiliness and shedding to dandruff and dry scalp. It feels pretty good too.

$7 at Amazon

"Bye-bye, flakes," raved a shopper. "I love this shampoo brush! My son had really bad flakes in his hair from dry scalp. We tried all different kinds of shampoos and creams, but nothing worked. I stumbled across this product and thought, 'Why not give it a try?' After one use, there were noticeably fewer flakes. After using it for a week, there were no more flakes."

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