Budding yogis, these are the best yoga mats on Amazon

The best yoga mats for at-home practice. (Getty Images)
The best yoga mats for at-home practice. (Getty Images)

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Though we may never master handstands nor find ourselves able to contort our bodies into the more complicated poses, yoga is a form of exercise that can be practiced by anyone.

From slow movements, relaxing stretches and calming sequences, this form of exercise is all about our personal journey with our body.

Practicing yoga poses regularly has numerous proven benefits, from building muscle strength to increasing blood flow and encouraging better bone health. Plus, it’s pretty good for your mind too.

Most yoga classes will provide you with all the equipment you need but if you’re feeling inspired to start up your own practice at home (an early morning sequence does wonders for your energy levels), then you’re going to need a mat.

A yoga mat will help you maintain a safe grip at all times, protect your joints and provide a more comfortable base on which to practice.

Yes, there are all sorts of blocks and bolsters that you might see being used by long-term yogis but for beginners, a mat is all you need.

It’s easy to roll-up and store away, too so that you don’t need to clear a permanent space for it. And, of course, you can practice all sorts of other exercises on it too - even if you don’t fancy yourself as the next yoga guru

To get you started, we’ve rounded up the five best yoga mats on Amazon so that you can get started on your new hobby within just a few days (or less than 24-hours if you have a Prime membership).

Even if you just skip straight to Savasana (the relaxing, lying-down pose), these comfortable mats are about to become your new favourite item.

5 best yoga mats on Amazon

TOPLUS Yoga Mat | £24.99

This aesthetically pleasing colour block mat comes in ten vibrant shades and is made using eco-friendly TPE material (so uses no latex or PVC) and the double-layer structure design provides optimal grip and maximum comfort.

IUGA Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat | £25.95

For anyone who is looking to perfect their poses or is following a yoga video online and is looking for some extra support, this yoga mat comes with alignment lines to help you tighten up your practice.

Plyopic All-In-One Yoga Mat | £49.99

These colourful, uplifting mats are a bit more of an investment but who doesn’t want to practice their downward dog on a printed beach? Designed to suit those who are prone to sweat, from moist hands to hot yoga sweats, you feel strong and safe in poses.

LL® Yoga Mat Extra Thick | £13.99

This top-rated mat (over 1,185 reviews to be precise) has non-slip traction, a smooth texture foam surface and have an anti-bacterial finish. Plus, because it’s extra thick it provides additional comfort, support and reduces the impact of certain postures.

KG Physio Yoga Mat | £14.99

For under £15, this cost-effective mat features premium quality cushioning to absorb impact and create maximum comfort as you go through your sun salutations.