The best ways to lose face fat

What’s the best way to lose fat from your face? [Photo: Getty]
What’s the best way to lose fat from your face? [Photo: Getty]

Just like bodies, faces come in different shapes and sizes. But chubby cheeks, a double chin and wobbly jowls can dent the confidence of even the most supremely body positive.

But is there a way to lose fat from just your face?

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Let’s start with the bad…there isn’t really a way to spot-reduce fat on your face.

Yep, sadly there is no specific way to target weight loss to just one part of your body. Including your face.

But as we said there is some good news. Though there’s no magical fix for blasting that double chin, there are some things you can do to help reduce the appearance of those chubby cheeks, including losing weight all over.

And Keith Niven, founder of personal training company Right Path Fitness has some reassuring words about exercising your way to a slimmer face.

“For most people, their face is the least of their worries when it comes to losing fat, they’re more concerned with their stomachs, thighs and bottoms,” he says.

“But the truth is that your face is one of the first places where any overall weight loss will show, at least to others anyway.”

“Most of the time, your belly fat or wobbly thighs are covered up by clothing, so it’s not as apparent to others when you’ve lost a few pounds,” he continues.

“Your face on the other hand is there on show for all to see pretty much all of the time, so it’s quite noticeable to other people when your face slims down due to weight loss.”

Here’s what the experts have to say to people looking for a face-over…

Redefine weight loss goals

“Unfortunately you cannot pick a specific body part to target for fat loss, the good news is that when you are in caloric deficit you will lose body fat from all over your body,” explains Keith McNiven.

“Any programme that is centred on fat loss will be beneficial for your whole body, including your face,” he continues. “Ensure that any fat loss programme considers both exercise and nutrition and is focused upon helping you to achieve a sustainable lifestyle that has healthy activity at its core. By this I mean being as active as you can in everyday life, making healthy food choices and getting regular exercise. These three things in tandem will contribute to effective fat loss, which will show on your body and your face.”

Lose overall body weight

“Generally speaking the best approach to lose weight on any part of the body is by following a distinct diet,” explains Dr Dirk Kremer from Harley St. Aesthetics.

“A Ketogenic diet is very popular right now and will definitely help you lose weight. By cutting out carbohydrates (i.e. sugar, sweets, rice, pasta) and replacing them with protein and fat, the metabolism will be trained to metabolise fat to gain energy instead of sugar. When energy is needed your body will burn your own fat instead of craving for sugars.

“However, while this will help you to lose weight, it can’t focus on losing facial fat only,” he adds.

Drinking water and overall weight loss can help with losing fat from the face [Photo: Getty]
Drinking water and overall weight loss can help with losing fat from the face [Photo: Getty]

Eat/drink your way to a slimmer face

“Drinking plenty of water helps to plump up the skin cells on the face,” advises Nutritionist Helen Ford at Glenville Nutrition (

“And eating plenty of good fat (essential fats from fish and nuts and seeds) and brightly coloured fruit and vegetables is helpful with overall skin tone and appearance which can make the face look slimmer.”

Helen also suggests cutting back on caffeine and alcohol as these can deplete key nutrients and water making our skin dehydrated.

Going under the knife

If you’re looking for a more drastic approach to losing face fat, liposuction is something to consider.

“With this procedure, we can remove submental fat pads (the fat under the chin) very efficiently,” says Dr Kremer. “With a tiny incision under the chin we infiltrate tumescence solution (saline, adrenaline, pain killer and enzyme) into the fat pad to dissolve it and then begin to take the fat out with a thin liposuction cannula. We can create a defined jawline and angulation of the neck which was previously hidden under the fat pad.”

“If you want to reduce facial fat under the cheekbone to create a more chiselled appearance, you can have your buccal fat pad removed through an intra-oral mucosal incision over the upper molar,” Dr Kremer continues. “The buccal fat pad empties immediately and will make the area under the cheek bone more sunken.”

But, as with all cosmetic procedures, it has to be carefully considered. “Since we lose this fat pad with ageing an early removal or reduction of this fat pad too early in life can result in a sunken and hollowed look which makes us look old.”

Less extreme cosmetic options

“For those not wishing to go under the knife, there are a number of non-surgical alternatives,” advises Dr Kremer. “Deoxycholic acid- Kybella- injections are the only FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce moderate fat under the chin. Several sessions are needed with an interval of a few weeks.”

Other treatments like Cool-Sculpting and Ultherapy which rely on cryolipolysis and ultrasound also offer non-invasive solutions to address facial fat pads, Dr Kremer adds.

Can you lose weight from your face? [Photo: Getty]
Can you lose weight from your face? [Photo: Getty]

Put the kettle on

“Dandelion tea or coffee is a great to help reduce fluid retention and puffiness,” says Rick Hay Nutritional Director of Healthista

“Its bitter qualities also work through the liver too which can help with fat metabolism.”

Hay says tea such as Nettle, fennel, liquorice and lemon balm can help with this too.

Turn to herbs and vitamins

Rick Hay says increasing the intake of thermogenic spices like chilli, cayenne or ginger can help with fat burning and boost the circulatory process, which in turn should help the face appear slimmer.

“Cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar levels and decrease cravings helping with weight loss,” he adds.

“Equally some botanicals like Gentian, Vervaine and Mint can help with the digestive process which can in turn aid with better weight loss outcomes.”

“Herbs like Yerba Mate can boost energy and help get you moving which can help with weight loss,” Hay continues.

“Vitamin C can help with collagen cross-linking on the face which can help with facial skin tone.”

Try a facial work out

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