The Best Way To Store Homemade Carrot Cake And How Long It Lasts

A decorated carrot cake on a plate
A decorated carrot cake on a plate - OlgaBombologna/Shutterstock

Carrot cake is a treat that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. It's a sweet, indulgent dessert that's paired with healthy fresh produce, nuts, and dried fruits. So, after baking one of these cakes at home, it makes sense why you'd want to store it properly to keep it fresh and tasty for as long as possible. To continue enjoying this delicious confection for no more than three days, you can simply keep it at room temperature if it hasn't been iced.

Remember to wrap the cake tightly with plastic wrap or store it in an airtight container first. On the other hand, if you need to keep the carrot cake for longer, then pop it in the fridge covered in plastic wrap and/or packaged in an airtight container. This way, it will keep fresh for up to a week. For homemade carrot cake that you've already iced with cream cheese frosting, refrigeration is a must to prevent melting. Iced cake will also last about one week in the fridge.

Note that, while frosting is known to shield the cake from some moisture loss, it's still better to cover your cake before placing it in the fridge to avoid odor absorption or contamination from other items. To do this without ruining your beautiful decoration, you can use a cake dome or improvise by placing the cake on a plate and inverting a bowl over it, then wrapping the whole setup with plastic wrap. But if you really want your carrot cake to last as long as possible, you'll need to freeze it.

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How To Freeze And Thaw Carrot Cake

Hand putting a cellophane-wrapped sponge cake in the freezer
Hand putting a cellophane-wrapped sponge cake in the freezer - Ahanov Michael/Shutterstock

The longest shelf life for your homemade cake can be attained through freezing. Carrot cake can last for up to four months in the freezer but the storage conditions need to be optimal. Begin by creating a double wrap around your cake. First, cover it tightly with plastic wrap, then add a layer of aluminum foil over that. The goal is to prevent freezer burn, which won't make you sick but is certainly unappetizing. This will work effortlessly for unfrosted cake, but if yours is frosted, then flash freeze it for about an hour first before wrapping it to prevent smudging the icing.

To enjoy your frozen carrot cake, first thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or for 24 hours depending on its size. This gradual thawing process helps maintain the cake's texture and taste. If you thaw it too fast, it will likely get mushy. Finally, no matter how you store your carrot cake, it's crucial to label it with the date you froze it to keep track of the storage duration and serve as a reminder to eat the cake before it goes bad.

And speaking of going bad, there are signs of spoilage you need to be aware of. If the cake has visible mold on it or a strange discoloration, it's best to discard it. A foul odor, an off taste, or a weird dry or mushy texture are other cues that your cake is spoiled (or starting to go bad) and should be disposed of immediately. With these practical storage tips, you can now enjoy your delicious carrot cake for as long as possible.

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