Best virtual HIIT classes to do from your living room

Step it up: you don't need a gym full of equipment to stay moving — there are number of high-intensity virtual classes for shaking off lockdown lethargy, like Fiit, pictured
Step it up: you don't need a gym full of equipment to stay moving — there are number of high-intensity virtual classes for shaking off lockdown lethargy, like Fiit, pictured

Feel the burn. A run in the park might account for your hour’s worth of state-sanctioned exercise, but for cardio junkies missing squat pulses and punishing rounds of burpees, it doesn’t quite HIIT the spot. Luckily, you don’t need a muscle gym’s worth of equipment to feel the burn at home: you just need some virtual taskmasters to put you through your paces. These are the best HIIT fixes you can find.


The lowdown: Fiit is a virtual encyclopaedia of workouts. Its cardio studio has 177 classes and counting (not to mention daily livestreamed classes) — most of which require zero equipment, though if you have downstairs neighbours, you might want to put a mat down. Every class (and instructor) is different, but expect circuits featuring all your favourites: burpees, squat pulses, mountain climbers and high plank shoulder taps, with minimal rest time to keep the heart rate high and maximise your lockdown workout. There are plenty of low-impact, high-intensity options — which is useful for those with knee issues.

Burn factor: you’ll sweat a lot, so open a window. Fiit expects a lot of its disciples — but many of the instructors will offer “regressions” for those still getting the hang of the moves, or coming back from injury.

USP: something for everyone.

Join the class:, £10/month


The lowdown: pre-pandemic, the voguish London gym — which has seven studios in the capital — had a deserved reputation for putting willing victims through punishing reps during its three signature HIIT classes. Now, they’ve launched Rebel TV, a catalogue of more than 130 workout videos, updated daily, led by its elite training team. The offering is impressive, featuring combat classes, interval training that focuses on lower body, upper body or abs, and guided running classes.

Burn factor: you’ll feel it in the morning: many of the workouts are relatively short (20-25 minutes), but there’s absolutely no let-up in them.

USP: its trainers are some of the best in the biz — you’ll be smiling through the tears.

Join the class:, £15.99/month


The lowdown: any veterans of a Frame class know that at its rainbow-coloured studios, cardio is about more than the shred — its programme of eclectic classes (set to eclectic soundtracks) have a sense of humour that’s gone missing in lockdown. If you’re craving that slug of endorphins, Frame Online has got you: the studio has taken its signature classes virtual during social distancing, and has plenty of total body workouts for you to get your sweat, and groove, on at home. If WFH is getting you down, try the 45-minute dance cardio class at lunch.

Burn factor: simpler sessions, but you’ll still feel it in those thighs tomorrow.

USP: you’ll end every session smiling.

Join the class:, £10.99/month


The lowdown: if you know, you know — F45 is more of a global movement than a class, and its acolytes are convinced that its workouts are the best in the world. Its Tottenham Court Road studio is broadcasting workouts every day — featuring a heady cocktail of functional movements at punishing intervals. Expect burpees, butterfly sit ups and squat jumps — and many push-ups. Advantages are you’ll be so wiped that you’ll overcome your pandemic insomnia — and your post-isolation body will be strong and ready for anything.

Burn factor: it’ll hurt. There’s not a lot of rest time built in, and you’re expected to go for it during each interval. But you’ll get fitter, fast.

USP: a structured programme of classes that complement each other.

Join the class: £60/month,

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