The Best Type Of Beer To Pair With Chicken And Waffles

Chicken, waffles, and beer
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One of the absolute best food combinations for breakfast is chicken and waffles. This pairing is so surprisingly delicious that whoever conceived of combining the two is essentially a hero to the entire human species, so it's no wonder that the origin of chicken and waffles is hotly debated. Crispy, juicy, fried chicken paired with soft, fluffy, buttery waffles topped with a generous drizzle of sweet syrup makes for a delicious way to start your day ... or end it with breakfast at night, if you prefer. But you're going to need something to wash down that scrumptious chicken and those tender waffles. And if you'd like to have beer with this dish, then you should opt for the kind of beer that offers one of the best complementary flavors for chicken and waffles: The citrus kind of beer.

Citrus beers have notes of sharp fruity flavors that make them conducive to balancing the flavor of a meal with savory and sweet dishes. Fried chicken can be salty or spicy (or both), which makes the meat savory. Waffles are buttery and typically topped with syrup, which makes them sweet. By pairing fried chicken, waffles, and citrus beer, you'll have a harmonious combination of sweet, savory, and citrusy flavors from your delicious food and refreshing drink. So, the next time you make chicken and waffles, what citrus beers should you pair your meal with?

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Try These Citrus Beers With Chicken And Waffles

Sierra Nevada Sunny Little Thing
Sierra Nevada Sunny Little Thing - Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

There are plenty of great citrus beers to have with your chicken and waffles. One is the citrus wheat ale Sierra Nevada Sunny Little Thing, recommended by Jessie Massie, the Taproom Executive Chef at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Massie told Daily Meal, "The beer has bright citrus notes that cut the fatty richness of the fried chicken, and complement sweetness you get in the waffles."

There are also citrus beers with complex flavor profiles that can make your meal richer when you pair them with chicken and waffles. Such is the case with Bell's Amber Ale, which is touted as a great pairing for fried chicken by Shawn Steele, Coronado Brewing Company's director of brewing operations. Steele explained to Uproxx, "The toasted/caramel notes in the beer complement the fried chicken coating, while the herbal and citrus hop notes help cut through the richness of the dish."

Those who like lots of hops in their beer should consider pairing chicken and waffles with a Lagunitas IPA. The beer's abundant hops have citrusy flavors that pair well with savory fried chicken. If you're a fan of really tart beers, then go with a Stone Enjoy By IPA. This citrusy beer is a particularly good choice if you're having spicy fried chicken with your waffles. If you'd prefer a lighter beer, the citrusy Founders All Day IPA will definitely complement your savory fried chicken. You might even want to try sun-kissed citrus beers.

You Can Also Pair Your Chicken And Waffles With Light Lagers

Chicken and waffles
Chicken and waffles - Blakedavidtaylor/Getty Images

If you're not a fan of citrusy beer but would still like a beer with your chicken and waffles, you're not out of luck. Light lagers also make for really great complementary refreshers with fried chicken because they can balance out that savory chicken with their subtle, hoppy taste and soothing carbonation. And since light lagers have an incredibly mild flavor, they won't overwhelm the rich flavors of your chicken and waffles.

There are several other factors that you should also consider when picking the right beer to have with your chicken and waffles. If your fried chicken is made with lots of spices, then choose a beer with strong flavors that will go well with all of that seasoning, and vice versa with fried chicken that's on the milder side. Be sure to also have your beer between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit when you're ready to eat your chicken and waffles. Your beer will likely have its most optimal taste at those temperatures.

The taste of your chicken and waffles should also match that ideal taste of your beer. To make sure all parts of your meal are equally delicious, you can elevate your chicken and waffles with hot sauce batter. And if you've got a citrusy beer to go with your chicken and waffles, you're going to have an incredibly rich meal with a very nice balance of flavors.

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