All Of The Best Twitter Reactions To King Charles III's Coronation

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best coronation twitter reactions
King Charles' Coronation: Twitter ReactionsGetty Images

After months of anticipation and excitement, the day of King Charles III's coronation has finally arrived. The momentous occasion is being broadcast live across the world, but while many look to the BBC's official and quintessentially British commentary, we're more interested in what the Twitter community has to say...

Known for their epic meme-making abilities, brilliant on-the-nose comments and capacity for spotting hilarious and sweet moments that may otherwise have been easily missed, Twitter users are some of the finest commentators out there. And just like the world's journalists, they've been hard at work since the early hours of today.

With the coronation's plethora of VIP guests, fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) outfits, unique traditions, historic procession and two-hour-long ceremony, the Twitter community has plenty of material to work with today – and they're not disappointing.

From Katy Perry awkwardly searching for her seat in Westminster Abbey and Prince Louis sweetly yawning, to the ever-fabulous Princess Anne stealing the show, these are all of the best Twitter reactions to King Charles III's Coronation so far...

Katy Perry attends King Charles III's Coronation:

Opera singer Pretty Yende performs in a vibrant yellow Stéphane Rolland gown and stunning suite of Graff diamonds:

Emma Thompson attends the King's coronation:

Prince Louis arrives at Westminster Abbey:

Prince George at Westminster Abbey:

Everyone fan-girling over Princess Anne:

Prince Harry attends his father's coronation solo:

The coronation ceremony:

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