For The Best Store-Bought Canned Biscuits, Don't Overlook This Classic Brand

Buttermilk biscuits on wooden board
Buttermilk biscuits on wooden board - Rudisill/Getty Images

Nothing beats hot, freshly baked buttermilk biscuits. While you can always follow your favorite homemade recipe, finding the time to prepare fresh biscuits on a whim may be challenging. Luckily, if you need a quick yet delicious option, canned biscuits are a tasty alternative for busier mornings. For the best canned biscuit in terms of quality and taste, look no further than the brand that has been an American staple for over 50 years: Pillsbury.

Pillsbury has been milling flour since the mid-1800s and making tubes of ready-made dough since the 1950s. This popular company offers several varieties of biscuits, yet Pillsbury Grands! Southern homestyle buttermilk biscuits are the cream of the crop. Apart from their savory buttery flavor, these canned delicacies rise to the occasion quite literally. Once baked, Grands! buttermilk biscuits exude a flaky and soft texture often found only in hand-mixed baked goods. What better way to greet your day than with an easy-to-prepare option that tastes just as delicious as homemade?

The added buttermilk flavor gives this biscuit variety an irresistible taste that pairs well with various condiments, toppings, and side dishes. Better yet, Grands! Southern homestyle buttermilk biscuits are easily prepared, leaving you with more room to make one delicious and convenient well-rounded meal.

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Pillsbury Grands! Southern homestyle biscuits
Pillsbury Grands! Southern homestyle biscuits - Pillsbury

Out of the eight best canned biscuit brands, Pillsbury Grands! Southern homestyle buttermilk biscuits are the clear winner. Claiming this variety is the best on the market ultimately comes down to personal preferences, but Pillsbury's biscuits have all the essential characteristics of a perfectly fluffy homemade biscuit. Instead of touting individual flaky layers you can peel back like many standard canned biscuit brands, Grands! Southern homestyle biscuits have a textured exterior and an ultra-soft center with a cloud-like, uniform crumb. The interior of these convenient delights has a consistency comparable to tender white bread. They are easily pulled apart for a slathering of butter and jam or dipping into hot bowls of stew.

If layers of flaky dough are more your style, you may want to consider Pillsbury Grands! flaky layers as a noteworthy runner-up since this variety stands up to its sister product upon baking. However, the perfectly nuanced consistency and taste of Grands! Southern homestyle buttermilk biscuits are what keep people returning to this particular variety. There is a faint taste of buttermilk and a subtle hint of buttery flavor, making it an ideal accompaniment to several meals. While there is actually no butter or buttermilk listed on the package ingredients, the subtle savoriness of Pillsbury's homestyle biscuits makes them a true crowd-pleaser.

Monkey bread on cooling rack
Monkey bread on cooling rack - Stephanie Frey/Shutterstock

To make these tender delicacies, lay refrigerated biscuits close together on a lined baking sheet and bake in an oven preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes; you'll have perfectly risen biscuits with slightly crisp exteriors and warm and soft centers. Since you don't have any bowls to clean or dishes to put away, you can prepare the rest of your meal while these convenient yet tasty biscuits are baking in your oven. Another benefit of choosing Pillsbury Grands! Southern homestyle buttermilk biscuits is you can serve these golden delights as an ultra-delicious snack on their own or dressed up or down to complement a variety of meals.

Besides these biscuits with your favorite jams and jellies, and for a more creative breakfast option, transform the canned biscuits into sugary sweet donuts with your oven or air fryer. You can also make a chopped apple filling to create apple fritters or pull apart biscuit dough to make monkey bread. If you have biscuits to spare, why not use your leftovers to make midday sandwiches? Simply slice and stack biscuits with your favorite sandwich fixings. You can also use the biscuit dough to upgrade your favorite dinner casseroles. The mild taste and fluffy texture of Pillsbury Grands! Southern homestyle buttermilk biscuits make them a tasty and versatile option to enjoy any time of day.

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