The best radiator covers that blend functionality with style

radiator covers
The best radiator covers to disguise your heaterDebenhams

Adding a radiator cover to your room can be surprisingly transformative, and it's an inexpensive update to make to your home.

Not only do these covers conceal unsightly radiators, they also give you more shelving space without having to drill into your walls. This extra storage area can come in handy in hallways as a good spot to keep your keys, and in the living room, where you can style it with picture frames, mirrors or flower vases.

There are plenty of designs available, from contemporary to farmhouse style and even ultra-decadent mirrored versions for an opulent feel. Many also come unfinished, so you can paint them any colour you like to match your decor.

Just remember to measure your radiator (including any plumbing that needs to be covered), and as a guide, ensure that the internal radiator cover is slightly bigger than the radiator itself.

Large radiator covers

For living rooms and larger spaces where you might have a sizeable heater, adding a radiator cover can have a big impact, giving you a long shelf run to decorate however you please. If you have a non-standard-sized radiator, don't worry — there are plenty of adjustable models, or you could even go bespoke.

Small radiator covers

There are plenty of single-panel radiator covers available for smaller rooms like bathrooms. As they're no wider than a standard shelf, they won't take up much floor space. Adding additional shelving means more storage space too, which can be especially useful in smaller homes.

Grey radiator covers

Grey will always make for a timeless room update. This neutral colour will go with virtually all decor schemes, and plenty of sizes and styles are available in various shades.

Radiator shelves

If you like the idea of reclaiming the dead space above your radiator but don't like the look of covers, you could install a shelf above the heater. For minimalist homes and small spaces, this might be the best option. Of course, you can just install a standard shelf, but there are plenty of no-drill dedicated radiator shelves that use special brackets to fit securely to your heater.

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