5 best products to keep your underboob sweat at bay

These products will help to banish the underboob sweat this summer
These products will help to banish the underboob sweat this summer

The UK may well break its maximum July temperature record today and while half of us are out enjoying this unprecedented heatwave, the other half are suffering with what is popularly known as excessive boob sweat.

You know what we’re talking about: the sweat that builds up below the underwire of your bra, or where your breasts meet your abdomen. For those of us well endowed in the chest area, it’s a struggle.

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Whether you decide to switch up your bra or lose it altogether, boob sweat is something you can’t avoid. But thankfully there are plenty of products that don’t allow for excessive boob sweat to ruin your day.

From bra liners and antiperspirants to frozen bra coolers to talcum powder, consider your boob and chest precipitation a thing of the past.

Pair of Cool58 Bra Coolers by Polar Products | £29.70 | Shop it now

When you feel as though you’re overheating, sometimes all you want to do is pop an ice pack into your bra.

These bra coolers can do exactly that. Just pop them in the freezer, a fridge or cooler box to activate then leave them in your bra for up to an hour to keep your twins cool and comfortable throughout the heatwave. Each cooler is machine washable and reusable, too.

Ladies Cotton Bra Liner by Easylife | £15.99 for 6 | Shop it now

If you are suffering from severe underboob sweat, chafing or soreness, these cotton bra liners are a great option to place under your bust to absorb perspiration.

The reviews on Amazon are pretty good with one user commenting that the liners were “well worth the money”. They are machine washable, completely reusable and come in one size.

Body Powder Lotion by Sweat Block | £12.48 | Shop it now

This body lotion is perfect for tackling chafing in the chest area. It’s an easy-to-use lotion rather than a talc powder so you don’t have to worry about making a mess or have it stain your clothes.

The anti-chafe formula tackles the dreaded stickiness and odour by absorbing and neutralising it. It doesn’t contain any nasties; no parabens, no talc, no aluminium and hasn’t been tested on animals.

Organic Baby Powder by Neal’s Yard Remedies | £9.50 | Shop it now

If you are someone who loves talc powder, then Neal’s Yard Remedies’ popular Organic Baby Powder is another option if you want to banish the boob sweat.

This delicate dusting powder contains organic and chamomile to soften the skin. It’s light, fragrance-free and will keep you fresh and dry all day long.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil by The Ordinary | £5.90 | Shop it now

According to some beauty experts, argan oil is a great saviour when it comes to unwanted underboob sweat. A few drops of this stuff will leave your breasts feeling soft, smelling fresh and it stops your underboob from being sweaty. Magic. You’re welcome.

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